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How to hide an air conditioner?

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How to hide an air conditioner?

Learn about effective and easy to implement ways to hide the air conditioner, which will allow you to enjoy a pleasant cool without spoiling the aesthetics of the interior of your house or apartment.

More and more people are choosing to install an air conditioner in their home or apartment. This is a great solution, especially on very hot days. Many air-conditioners also have a heating function, thanks to which we can warm up the apartment even before the heating season starts. Unfortunately, despite many advantages, air conditioner often destroys the interior design of our apartment, because it is quite a big device which has to be installed in a proper way. However, there are several very clever ways to hide this device. Check which solution works best in your house or apartment!

More and more people want to increase the comfort of their lives. This is why newer and more innovative solutions are installed in our houses and apartments. One of them, which until recently was associated only with very luxurious apartments or villas, is an air conditioner. However, we do not want it to be conspicuous and spoil the arrangement of rooms. We prefer to simply hide it. There are several ways to cleverly hide the device. Everything depends on the arrangement of the walls or interior furnishings. It is worth remembering that air-conditioned air will always fall downwards, which is why air-conditioners should not be installed in low parts of an apartment. Some of the ideas given below are best implemented at the stage of house construction or general renovation. Others you can successfully apply without much interference in the current arrangement of your home

Ways to hide air conditioner in the house or apartment

1. In the facade of the furniture

A great way to hide an air conditioner in a small apartment is to use the furniture placed in it. This is a great solution in rooms with small space. Following the advice of interior designers, you can place the air conditioner at the front of the closet or in the ceiling cabinets. Those who decide on such a solution must remember to install a ventilation grid in the door, which will allow free air flow. You can also use the upper kitchen cabinets

2. In the space above shelves or cabinets

Another good idea to hide the air conditioner is to place it above the top shelves or tall cabinets. This is a fantastic solution that allows you to make use of space that is usually unused anyway. However, remember that the device should be placed at a certain distance from the furniture

3. Air conditioner as an element of decoration

Increasingly, manufacturers of household appliances and electronics offer customers devices with an interesting design. This also applies to wall-mounted air conditioners, which can be an interesting decoration on the wall in the bedroom or living room. This is a brilliant solution especially for people who like to test all sorts of technical novelties.

Main photo: Haseeb Modi/unsplash.com

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