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Modern patio heaters – an overview of solutions on the market

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Modern patio heaters – an overview of solutions on the market

It’s comfort you can afford. Check out the patio heaters that are available on the market!

A patio heater is something worth having! Check out our overview of solutions on the market and choose the best product.

What is a patio heater?

Do you love sitting on your patio and always lament when the spring-summer season comes to an end? Do you wait for warm days to come again in autumn and winter to sit outside? We have a solution for that. A patio heater is something you need, although you may not even know it yet. Warmth and a cosy atmosphere are guaranteed – even on cold days. A patio heater is a device that is designed to raise the temperature of your immediate surroundings. In addition, it is equipped with lighting, admittedly of small power, but it allows you to get a little light

Manufacturers also take care of the aesthetic appearance of such equipment, so that the heaters themselves were a decorative element of the terrace. There are several types of patio heaters.

Gas patio heaters

Gas patio heaters, otherwise known as umbrella heaters, are powered by propane-butane or propane cylinders. This influences the shape of the unit, which looks like a stand with a built-in bottom or a conical shape. The cylinder is placed in the lower, built-in part of the device. Above the cylinder there is a fragment with a burner surrounded by fireproof glass with metal openwork casing. It is at this point that heat and soft light are emitted. Interestingly, in the offers of various manufacturers we can find patio heaters with adjustable height. At the top there is a small canopy that protects the device from rain. Hence the name that many people use – a heating umbrella

Under the canopy there is sometimes additional lighting, e.g. in the form of LEDs. Gas patio heaters emit a slight smell of burning gas, as well as a quiet sound. Such a device weighs about 20 kg, has a power of about 10-15m KW. The consumption is about 1kg of gas per hour. Power, gas intake or flame size can be adjusted. Gas patio heaters in their assortment include brands such as Lehmann or Enders.

How about an infrared patio heater?

Infrared patio heaters are another option for those looking for solutions for their home and garden. They have the appearance of lamps (standing or hanging), stands or heating umbrellas. They are powered by electricity

They can easily be embedded in a table leg because their radiant heater does not burn. Unlike a gas heater, such equipment does not emit any sound or smell. For many people, this is a big advantage of this solution. To control an infrared patio heater, there is either a remote control or a touch screen controller. Some heaters are so technologically advanced that they are able to turn on the clock at a specific time. This type of product is offered, for example, by Veito.

How much does a patio heater cost?

If you’re interested in buying a patio heater, you definitely want to know what the price of such equipment is. This ranges from 500 PLN to even over 2000 PLN. While the expense seems substantial indeed, it is worth remembering that this is a purchase for many years. The very fact that the restaurant gardens are equipped with heaters, proves that they are able to be in operation for many hours a day

Besides, for home use, you are unlikely to need the most expensive equipment available. Without a doubt, a patio heater is a great piece of equipment for your garden. The vision of spending time on the terrace even on cold evenings with a cup of tea or a glass of wine is tempting! This is an investment that is definitely worth considering

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