Flood and water leak sensor – where is it useful?

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Flood and water leakage sensor is an intelligent device that allows us to avoid unpleasant surprises in case of washing machine, dishwasher or other household appliance failure. Here are the advantages of this solution!

Flood and water leakage detector – what is it? Water leakage detection

A flood and water leak detector is a small, practical and highly sensitive device that uses modern technology. The sensor is made of sealed plastic, resistant to water and dirt. There are rechargeable models available on the market as well as models equipped with a power supply

This practical gadget will alert us in case of various leaks and floods. If the water level exceeds a given level (e.g. 0.5 mm), an alarm will be activated automatically, which can send a notification of the event to our smartphone or other mobile device – no matter where we are at the moment! It is worth mentioning that more expensive devices have a built-in temperature and tamper sensor.

Advantages of a flood and water leakage detector – an element of a smart home

Installing a flood and water leakage sensor brings many benefits. It allows you to quickly respond in case of equipment or water system failure. Gadget will prove useful in case of:

  • damage to the seal in the pipe,
  • pipe bursting due to freezing,
  • damage to the pipe caused by ground settlement,
  • accidental pipe damage.

Thanks to the sensor we can constantly watch over the safety of our private property, even when we are away from home. This innovative solution can save our life possessions when we go on vacation, and in our absence will be a breakdown in the weather and heavy rains. By investing in a good quality sensor, we can prevent possible damage caused by leakage or flooding with water

Flood and water leakage sensor will prove useful not only in a detached house, but also in an apartment – this intelligent equipment can protect us from flooding our neighbor. The most advanced equipment is even able to automatically cut off the water supply after detecting flooding. Although this type of solution is usually used in commercial buildings, not private (it is quite an expensive option).

How much does a flood and water leak detector cost?

It is worth being aware that the cost of purchasing a flood and water leakage sensor is many times lower than the expenses we will have to incur in case of damage to the equipment in the house or apartment. The standard price of one sensor is 100-300 PLN. Of course, manufacturers also offer much cheaper sensors for 30-50 PLN. However, if you want a reliable and durable device, it is better to invest in a more expensive model.

Where to install a flood and water leakage detector?

A flooding and water leakage sensor should be placed in those places where there is the greatest risk of flooding. Many people choose to install the sensor in the kitchen, bathroom and in the garage, which is vulnerable to flooding, as well as the basement. The toilet is also vulnerable to flooding. A flood detector is usually mounted on the floor and a communication module on the wall.

If you want to maximize the safety of your home, it is worth investing in a modern alarm and fire protection system in addition to a flood and water leakage detector.

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