How to start recording InstaStories?

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Instagram stories are a popular form of communication between online creators and their followers. How to create interesting, natural and engaging accounts that will meet the friendly reception of followers?

Styling and makeup will add confidence

If you want to make your relationship attractive not only in terms of content, but also in terms of visual perception, make sure you look nice – favorite clothes and light makeup will not only make you look better, but also make you feel more confident in front of the smartphone camera. Instead of makeup, we can of course use one of the many interesting filters that Instagram offers us (many influencers use the Lisa and Lena filter).

Recording videos vertically and using graphic applications

It’s a good idea to hold the phone slightly from the top when recording – such a frame will make us look good and slim. If you want to serve your followers the most attractive InstaStories, use applications such as Canva, Unfold, StoryArt or Stories Edit. Don’t forget to add subtitles – it can be a general summary of what you’re talking about or a detailed statement (some people use Instagram at night or are deaf and dumb – it’s worth thinking about them and adding a text layer).

Good light is essential

Let’s try to record accounts in natural light, not artificial. We should pay attention to the time of day when the interior of our apartment or house is best illuminated. Sunrays coming into the room may have a positive effect on the frame or on the contrary – then our film may be too dark or overexposed.

A smile always attracts other people

It is worth remembering to have a friendly attitude and to be smiling during the filming – observers will surely sense our positive energy and will be interested in the next “productions”. At the same time, let’s be forgiving to each other – if we have a bad day, let’s record InstaStory tomorrow.

InstaStories topic – what do we want to talk about?

Many beginners make the mistake of recording accounts without any plan – it’s worth thinking about, and preferably writing on a piece of paper, the topic and a few points that we want to cover. It can be an event in which we participate, product review, sharing our passion, recommending other inspiring people or showing the behind-the-scenes of our work. By setting a specific topic, we won’t get lost and stutter while speaking into a smartphone.

Freedom and comfortable conditions during recording

If we want our relationship to look natural, let’s make sure we are as comfortable as possible while recording InstaStories. If you feel uncomfortable in the presence of bystanders, create accounts when no one is around

Proper content development – don’t publish InstaStories in a hurry

Before you publish your InstaStories, take the time to structure your content so that it has an introduction, development and conclusion. Observers will appreciate a polished and thoughtful InstaStories. Before publishing, we can send the video to people we trust and ask about their feelings. Feedback from those closest to us can give us valuable tips to make our instagram accounts better

Any time is a good time to start!

Some people delay recording InstaStories until their account grows and gains more followers – but the “perfect” moment may never come if you only occasionally add photos to your instagram profile. It’s worth setting aside such negative beliefs and start recording accounts right now, in this moment!

We hope that with our practical tips for recording relationships on Instagram will not be a big challenge for you, you will quickly gain practice and gain many new followers

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