Smart furniture – what can modern sofas do?

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A smart home isn’t just voice or app-controlled light bulbs. It’s also smart furniture that makes being at home more enjoyable. What can smart sofas do? Will a smart closet turn out to be a great solution?

Smart furniture – the furnishings of the future

Smart furniture is connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, so you can control it with voice commands.

Smart kitchen furniture, despite its high price, has gained many supporters, because it increases the comfort of the apartment. The most popular are smart systems that allow you to close drawers without accidentally slamming your fingers and allow you to adjust the height of worktops. Both solutions significantly affect the comfort of using the kitchen. They are most often controlled with a remote control.

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Intelligent sofas, or modern furniture

Application-controlled sofa is another element in a smart home. This furniture is equipped with a vibration system, speakers and subwoofer. This allows you to get more into the action of the movie and feel like you are in a 4D cinema. The vibrations of the sofa are a reflection of the sound from the TV. There are systems in the armrests that recognize speech, so you can control the rest of the devices in your home from your position on the sofa. There is also a wireless charger in the armrest that allows you to charge your phone faster.

The world’s first smart sofa was designed in France and hit the market last year. The furniture is equipped with a speaker system that enhances the audiovisual experience when playing games or watching movies, for example.

Lift-Bitm, modern lounge systems

The Lift-Bitm lounge system from Carlo Ratti Associati, is made of hexagonal modules that can be connected together freely and their height can be controlled via a mobile app. Thanks to this, the sofa can turn into a bed for sleeping in a dozen seconds, which is adapted to the user’s anatomy.

Sleep number – the smart bed

Sleep number is an intelligent bed that has a remote control system of elasticity operated by voice commands. It allows you to monitor and influence the quality of your sleep using a mobile app.

A smart closet that irons your clothes by itself

The Styler smart closet from LG is another piece of furniture that should be in every smart home. It is equipped with a steam refresh clothes system. By connecting the closet to Wi-Fi, the user can have the clothes of their choice ironed using the SmartThinQ app.

Smart furniture market value growth

The global smart furniture market is growing at a very fast pace, it is growing around 22% annually. According to HTF Market Intelligence estimates, the market value will grow to $670 million over the next 4 years.

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