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What do you need to measure carefully before furnishing your home?

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What do you need to measure carefully before furnishing your home?

We suggest what steps you should take before buying furniture for your home. Are you sure you know what to measure?

Before starting a renovation, you should take an accurate measurement of your apartment. Thanks to this, you will not have to worry about mismatching furniture and equipment to its surface. Measuring the rooms will also allow you to estimate the amount needed to purchase finishing materials, and thus more accurately determine the renovation budget.

Saving time and money

Many people who undertake apartment renovation, especially if they do it on their own, struggle with troublesome delay of works. The reason for this is often the lack of a clear schedule of work and actual knowledge about the state of the apartment. A lot of stress is also caused by exceeding the set budget. How to cope with all that? First of all, renovation works should begin with a detailed inventory of the apartment in order to determine the most important needs. It is worth to do inspections regularly in order not to be surprised by the bad condition of pipes or installations. Having precisely outlined needs, you can prepare a preliminary cost estimate. This is very important, because the renovation means many expenses that are not visible at first glance.

Interior visualisation

All people who care about the functional use of the apartment should measure its area and create a visualization of the furnished rooms. By doing so, we are able to save time when shopping and avoid the effect of a poorly arranged space that will look sloppy. Remember to carefully measure the height and width of the walls, floor space, and also write down the dimensions of radiators, window sills, measure the doors and the height of thresholds. Knowing the exact dimensions of the apartment, we can order the appropriate amount of, for example, tiles, panels or skirting boards, which will avoid unnecessary expenses. We need to know the square footage, especially if we plan to buy a new apartment and do not know whether to choose the open double-leaf doors and do not know whether to choose an open or a sliding variant. The size of the door is also of great importance if we plan to buy already assembled furniture or large appliances.

Innovative and functional solutions in an apartment

Knowing the square footage of the house, we can choose furniture that will not limit its functionality. There are many options to maximize the potential of the available space. One of them is to purchase practical furniture, such as pull-out sofas with sleeping functionone of them is to buy practical furniture, such as or a sofa bed. We can also order custom-designed furniture.

At the stage of planning the space, consider innovative solutions such as running installation cables inside the skirting board or equipping the skirting board with LED lighting. This will allow to mask the installation aesthetically and avoid characteristic light points falling on the surface. You can read more about this system on: wallup.pl

The most common mistakes made when measuring an apartment

The biggest mistake is not taking all the measurements or taking them inaccurately. Many people who are planning renovation do not check if the floors in the apartment are on the same level. This later results in additional costs in the form of purchase and installation of self-leveling spout or other layer leveling the subfloor, e.g. from joists. When furnishing the apartment, it also often happens that the furniture does not fit in the room, because during the measurement the skirting boards, window sills and radiators were not taken into account.

Main photo: Brett Jordan/unsplash.com

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