Air purifier – which one to choose? Is it worth it?

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Which air purifiers to choose and is it really worth investing in this type of equipment? Learn about the most important parameters of such products and enjoy fresh air in your home or office space.

Is it really worth investing in an air purifier?

Investing in air purifiers is controversial primarily because of the price. The cost of modern equipment ranges from several hundred to even several thousand zlotys. Therefore, we can safely say that each of us before spending such a sum wants to think about the sense of the purchase and choose the equipment of adequate quality. In the case of modern air purifiers, we can also count on other functions – for example, the ability to ionize the air

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But let’s start with why air purifiers are a good choice. First of all, these inconspicuous at first glance devices are able to cope with all kinds of smog and pollution, which without a shadow of a doubt remains one of the most important advantages in the case when we live in a large city. Scientific research clearly shows that smog and other air pollutants affect not only our well-being, but also general health

Therefore, the cost of even several thousand zlotys should not be something that can discourage us from choosing this type of amenity. Modern air purifiers can perfectly deal with all kinds of smoke, dust, volatile organic compounds such as exfoliated animal skin, unpleasant odor, dust, allergens, as well as bacteria and viruses.

Which air purifier will be the best option? Ranking 2021

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro

Among the suggestions we recommended was equipment from Xiaomi. Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro in our opinion remains one of the best choices when looking for equipment of this type and in a budget of up to 1000 zloty

Sharp KC-A40EUW

In the case of a slightly larger budget, we can count on finding solutions such as, for example, Sharp KC-A40EUW. This is a model that, in addition to the basic functions of cleaning the air around it, also has the function of humidifying and ionizing it. Sharp has also released another air purifier worthy of attention. We are talking about the KC-G60EUW model, which has up to 6 sensors. Thanks to this, its work becomes maximally efficient and effective.

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What should I consider when choosing an air purifier?

When choosing the right air purifier, first of all, the area that we intend to use for the device, and which we want to successfully purify, as well as the type of filters , remains important

The chosen equipment is characterized by a specific efficiency, which will work on the surface specified in the specifications of the purifier. A necessary parameter to take into account is also the volume of work, in particular when the equipment is to perform its work, for example, at night in the bedroom.

It is also an interesting feature for the air purifier to have an energy saving option. It is true that in this situation, the device will work at a lower efficiency, but we can save resources associated with supplying it with electricity, for example, during our absence or sleep. Modern purifiers also boast an automatic mode that can be adjusted to the level of pollutants in the air

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