3 things to make gaming on your computer more enjoyable

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Long games at the computer can make you physically discombobulated. That’s why it’s important to have a comfortable place that makes using the equipment more enjoyable. What things should be in a gamer’s room?

Gaming desk – a geek’s calling card

For a gamer it is the most important piece of furniture in the room. It is the place where you can fit practically everything, from a mouse to gaming gadgets. It is important that the desk is the right length and width. The material from which it was built is also a priority. On the market there are: wooden, MDF, plastic and metal. You should pay attention to the end of the tabletop. It is particularly vulnerable to damage and dirt. Gaming desks should also have an adjustment option. The function gives the possibility to adjust the height of the top to the player’s height. An additional advantage will undoubtedly be furniture that has the ability to pull out the corner part. Thanks to it you will have extra space for other gadgets. It is important that the furniture was equipped with additional shelves or tunnels, which will allow you to hide the cables. This will prevent wires from getting tangled

You should also choose a desk that with its design will match the interior. Light-colored pieces of equipment will naturally brighten up the room. While dark colors add mystery and elegance to the position. Models with their own lighting and a recess to hold a mouse pad are also attractive. Desks that have casters are a plus. Mobility in this case is that you will be able to change the location of this furniture in the room very easily in the future .

Over-ear headphones

Every little murmur or noise can be depressing during gameplay, so such a gadget is important in improving the comfort of the player, giving him the opportunity to focus completely on the game.

A person spending time at the computer cannot afford to be distracted for a moment.

It is crucial that the equipment suppresses external noises. Closed headphones work best here, which isolate the incoming sounds. This way, the player can focus exclusively on the sounds of the game. What else to pay attention to?

  • frequency response – expressed in Hertz (Hz), here the value of bass is important, which will make the hours spent on the game more pleasant;
  • weight – definitely do not choose headphones that are heavy. After prolonged use, you may feel discomfort (pressure on the head and ears)
  • sound intensity level – the market is dominated by offers, in which the intensity reaches about 100 dB. The higher the value, the louder the sound will be
  • integrated microphone – is a tool for instant communication, because in the online mode the speed of information flow counts, and when you write something in the chat it takes much longer. If the given headphones do not have this feature, then you can separately attach the hardware and enjoy the functionality of the gadget

The above parameters are only part of the things that you need to consider when buying. You can not forget about the length of the cable in the headphones. The shorter, the less freedom when playing. The correct parameters should be between 1.2 and 1.3 meters. There will also be offers of cables over 2 meters in online stores. You can choose wireless, but there is no guarantee that the Bluetooth connection will not be interrupted. When using the equipment to listen to music, you can open the Spotify app and enjoy good sound quality.

Armchair – a throne for gamers

Several hours of gaming on poor quality furniture can affect our posture. A well-fitting chair is a guarantee of comfort while using a computer. Nothing causes discomfort like uncomfortable, creaky armchairs. When choosing one you should be guided primarily by the size, finish and functionality. The advantage of an adjustable seat is that it can be adjusted to the height of the user.

The upholstery of the furniture with leather-like and non-slippery material guarantees comfort while sitting. It is advisable for the armchair to have armrests, which will relieve your hands. A large selection of this type of equipment can be found in the Pro-gamer store

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