5G in Europe: European Commission will oversee implementation

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The 5G network is already known to almost everyone. You hear a lot about it in the news, and there are many rumors about it on the internet.

Some people believe that it is a huge step forward that will completely change how things work and develop the technology market. There are also conspiracy theories that it is a network that is harmful to health. What does the European Commission say about it?

What is a 5G network?

Before we find out how the European Commission will proceed on the 5G network, it is worth seeing what it actually is. In simple terms, it is a technology that allows you to offload the current 4G network. This will allow for better coverage and internet connectivity on your computer, laptop, phone and other WiFi connected devices.

It is worth noting that the current network is becoming heavily loaded, and this is due to more and more people moving to remote work, home schooling or taking advantage of online shopping. The implementation of new technology will allow for a faster connection.

How does a 5G network work – what’s worth knowing?

It may seem that the way this network works will be different from others. But the truth is that it works almost identically to 2G, 3G and 4G networks. So this means that 5G will work on radio waves that will be emitted by base stations. This is what will make it possible for devices such as phones, laptops and computers to receive them.

The European Union estimates that at first a form of 3 frequencies will be introduced. Thanks to this it will be possible to increase network capacity in comparison with previous solutions. Additionally, the range will be increased. All this will provide greater comfort and convenience when using the Internet.

How does the European Union want to supervise the implementation of 5G networks?

Fast speed and range makes more and more people afraid of cyber attacks. That’s why the European Union wants to have as much control as possible over the process of deploying 5G networks to European countries. The Network Equipment Security Assurance Scheme will be applied. This will enable the European Commission to take care of the cyber security of telecommunications equipment and mobile networks.

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In addition, it assumes the need to go through the NESAS certification process, which aims to increase the chance of simplifying the verification procedure for telecommunications equipment. This will make it possible to more quickly determine whether the telecommunications equipment and nodes in question meet the requirements set out by 3GPP. Granting NESAS certificate is to become a guarantee that a given solution meets all security requirements and, what’s more, has passed an expert audit.

What does 5G network offer us?

Is 5G network safe? What can it change in our daily lives? Many experts believe that this solution will increase the comfort of using the network in the private home or office.

When will 5G network be available in Poland?

Many people are wondering when 5G network will be available in Poland. Work on the plan to implement the network has been slowed down by the epidemiological situation not only in the country, but also around the world. The latest information says that the work is to be started in the first half of 2021.

If the actions of the European Commission are carried out as planned, all the rules for the safe introduction and use of 5G networks will be maintained at a high level.

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