Installing a projector in the garden – how to do it?

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Imagine a summer evening spent in the garden, the crickets ticking, comfortable deck chairs and a movie. Sounds inviting, doesn’t it? You can experience many such evenings if you install a projector in the garden.

What do you need to set up a theater in the garden?

To watch your favorite movie in the comfort of your own garden, you will need: 

  • a projection screen – if we do not want to spend too much money on the arrangement of our garden cinema, then a light-colored wall of the house or a white sheet hung between the trees, for example, will also work in its role (a screen arranged in this way will be very stylish!). Of course, the image projected on the wall or sheet will not be as vivid and saturated with colors as the image on the real screen, but the lack of cost incurred can compensate for this inconvenience;
  • projector – it is worth investing in equipment with a resolution of at least Full HD 1080p and an aspect ratio of 16:9. Precisely because of the aspect ratio, we advise against projecting movies via school or office projectors, where the aspect ratio is usually 4:3; 
  • speakers – if you are a considerable distance from your nearest neighbors, you can go crazy and buy decent speakers. However, if you live in a more compact area, it’s better to simply use the speakers built into the projector;
  • comfortable armchairs or loungers, a blanket and snacks – arrange the relaxation area according to your tastes!

How to install a projector in the garden?

Installing a projector in the garden is simpler than it may seem. Remember, however, that most projectors are not designed for permanent outdoor installation. That’s why we recommend storing the equipment indoors after the garden screening.

Installing a projector in the garden involves finding a suitable place to project a movie and placing the equipment at a suitable distance from the projection screen or wall of the house. At what distance to set the projector? You can find information about this in the instructions that come with the device. You can also use a calculator to calculate the distance from the screen. 

Once you have set up the projector, you need to connect it to the device from which you will project the film – most often this is a laptop with an HDMI cable.

What else is worth taking care of?

Of course, the atmosphere of the place where we will watch the film. Provide you with atmospheric lighting – solar lamps, atmospheric lanterns or a string of colorful bulbs will be perfect. 

It will also be a good idea to buy accessories with movie themes. Mugs with images of cinema icons, napkins with a film strip motif – there are quite a few options, find one that will suit your screening.

Remember, too, that summer evenings usually mean mosquitoes – make sure you have the right protection for you and your guests. Watching a movie with a cloud of insects over your armchair will not be a pleasure, so it is worth getting a special mosquito repellent.

And at the very end we would like to mention the choice of repertoire. In a cinema in the garden you do not have to screen only movies. It is just as good an idea to organize a garden stand-up marathon or watch a game. An unforgettable experience guaranteed!

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