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How do I connect my refrigerator to WiFi?

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How do I connect my refrigerator to WiFi?

Refrigerators with Wi-Fi are a novelty on the market. They are increasingly popular and users of these devices highly praise their functionality. Check how to connect a fridge with Wi-Fi.

Nowadays, refrigerators also have Wi-Fi access, which helps a lot in operating the appliance. Check out how to connect your fridge with Wi-Fi so you can enjoy its full capabilities.

What are the advantages of a fridge with Wi-Fi?

Many Wi-Fi enabled fridge models have the ability to take notes, such as writing down recipes, household chores, etc. The fridge also allows you to look into the appliance remotely through the cameras placed in it. Thanks to this option you will never buy the same product twice and creating a shopping list will become unnecessary.

Wi-Fi in the refrigerator will also allow you to remotely check the temperature or perform diagnostics.

How to configure a Wi-Fi fridge?

Setting up a fridge with Wi-Fi is very easy. All you need to do is download the LG Smart ThinQ app, which you can find in the Play Market and App Store, among others. Once it’s on your phone, press the Wi-Fi icon on your device and hold it down for a few seconds. When the wireless symbol stops flashing and starts solid light, it’s a sign that the setup is complete.

You can easily set up the fridge with your smartphone, tablet or smart TV.

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