Smartphone control of washing machine and refrigerator – comfort or unnecessary addition?

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Currently very fashionable are devices that we can control with a smartphone. Many people are opting for such a convenience. Let’s see why it is profitable to control a washing machine or refrigerator with a smartphone

Washing machine controlled by a smartphone – pros

Many household appliances have a built-in Bluetooth module. Thanks to it, you can create a smart home, which allows us to freely control the appliances using an app. To control the washing machine with your phone, you need to have a WiFi module in it, as well as NFC function, which allows us to pay with the phone in the store. NFC has a slightly weaker range, so you need a WiFi module in addition, allowing you to use the washing machine with your smartphone. The first such washing machine model was released by LG and later by Samsung. Currently, also BEKO washing machines have this function.

Remote control of a washing machine has many advantages

  • we can remotely order service for our washing machine, and thanks to the application we can check ourselves what part needs to be replaced,
  • the application allows us to select our favourite washing programme,
  • remote control of a washing machine allows us to stop washing and continue it when we return home,
  • in case of power failure, we can check at what stage of the washing program has been stopped.

The application to control a washing machine will tell us when it is worth cleaning the filter or when to use the descaling liquid.

The application to control the washing machine is available for free in the Google Play store. A similar application is also available for download on IOS. The intuitive operation of the app will definitely help us to quickly control the washing machine.

Remote control of the refrigerator – why should it be used?

The control of the refrigerator is very helpful, because, as in the case of a washing machine, with the help of a smartphone you can check the technical data of the appliance. In case of trouble, it is possible to call a professional and check whether our equipment is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. A very interesting option is Insta – door – in – door, also called InstaView. It is based on checking the contents of the fridge remotely. This allows you to quickly check the products inside, even when you are away from home. InstaView is very helpful while shopping. It allows us to check if the fridge is defrosted and how much energy it consumes. You can change the temperature inside the fridge remotely. All these options are very useful and make our lives much easier.

Is it worth it to have household appliances controlled by a smartphone?

Smartphone control allows us to better manage our equipment, including tasks related to its servicing. This is a very good option for busy people who want to quickly call a professional or check the status of the washing machine or refrigerator. Functions such as modifying the washing time or checking the contents of the fridge remotely can be very useful in everyday life. You should pay a little extra for such options, but they can be very functional for us.

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