How do you secure your home before you go on vacation?

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The vacations are unfortunately a good time for burglars. In our absence, the house is also exposed to, for example, flooding or other accidents. What are the most important rules that will allow us to eliminate the danger? Here are the most important of them

Protection against burglary

The threat, which is a holiday burglary made in our absence, must meet with our strong counteraction. Here you need two types of activity: proper preparation of the interior of the house and making sure that the windows and doors are a barrier that is difficult to break through

A list of things to do

First and foremost, try to hide valuables so that they are difficult to locate. Even if bandits do break in, losses will be minimized. Sometimes it is a good idea to store particularly valuable trinkets with friends. It is also a good idea to stop informing everyone around about the specific dates of your absence. Such a message may accidentally become an inspiration for thieves to take a risk.

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Windows and doors

Of course, it is tightly closed windows and doors will be the primary barrier to our enemies who may want to rob the house. In particular, it is worth paying attention to whether the balcony or terrace doors are closed and functioning well. It is through this route that the attack occurs most often. It is good if we also have external blinds. They should be closed in such a way that they cannot be manually lifted from the outside

Intelligent systems

Nowadays protection against burglary is more than just physical barriers. Modern security systems also help to deter criminals

Alarm system

Alarm system is important especially in case of single-family houses, which are located a bit on the outskirts. Its installation and proper functioning come at a price. It is also important to remember to turn it on before you leave


Installation of video surveillance will itself deter burglars. In addition, it is worth taking care of real-time transmission, which will allow us to keep an eye on the property even during the blissful vacation

Simulation of presence

Motion sensors, systems that run lights or simulate the television on are other elements that can help us a lot. Modern systems, although expensive, can be a solid deterrent for potential thieves.

Not only burglaries threaten us: secure water, gas and electricity

Although traditionally we are most afraid of thieves getting inside our homes, a disaster can have a much more prosaic cause. The primary difficulties we can get into trouble for can be related to water, gas and electricity failures. The utilities must be meticulously checked and secured before leaving. What should be done first?

  • Check pipes for leaks,
  • unplug sockets (leave only the refrigerator and alarm, i.e. essential equipment and systems),
  • cut off the water supply to the apartment (we will be safer if a pipe bursts or a tap is damaged),
  • turn off the gas system valve.

Home insurance – just in case

Of course, all of these rules for staying safe at home during the vacations are extremely important and helpful. In practice, however, it happens that a disaster happens despite our best efforts. Hence, it is necessary to insure your property. It is not only important to take out an insurance policy, but also to check its provisions thoroughly. This is an essential action, especially before a long holiday trip

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