How to ensure proper ventilation in the kitchen?

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The condition of the air in the kitchen affects not only the health of the occupants, but also food spoilage, the condition of the furniture and overall cleanliness. The kitchen is a room that is exposed to major temperature fluctuations and moisture. Kamila Prałat from SOLGAZ suggests what to do to ensure the right microclimate in the kitchen area

The task of ventilation is to exchange polluted air for fresh air. If we do not take care of proper air circulation in the kitchen, mould and fungi will quickly appear. To prevent this, it is very important to design the space properly, including the ventilation shafts, and to stick to certain rules for everyday cooking

Inhale and exhale

If you’re thinking about ventilation design, remember that it must be in accordance with the provisions of the Polish Construction Law – the PN-83/B-03430 standard. According to it, in every kitchen, regardless of whether it has mechanical or gravity ventilation, there must be an exhaust duct and supply system, as well as a constant flow of air. Of course, ensuring proper air circulation in small, enclosed spaces is more difficult than in the case of open kitchens with a larger area. In this case, for example, you should opt for doors with small openings through which air can flow from the corridor

Ventilation is the lungs of the home, drawing in and releasing air in such a way that the occupants are guaranteed safe and hygienic living conditions and no fungus appears on the walls. In order for kitchen ventilation to work properly, it is necessary to ensure a supply of fresh air from which all impurities are eliminated

– says Kamila Prałat of SOLGAZ, a Polish manufacturer of household appliances.

Kitchen helper

A very important piece of kitchen equipment is a hood. It is a form of additional mechanical ventilation, which will help to eliminate the impurities generated during everyday cooking. The hood should be connected to the ventilation duct, which will allow for efficient air exchange. It should be turned on whenever you use the cooktop or the oven

The hood filters the air and makes sure that all the fumes and smells associated with cooking disappear. It also eliminates the problem of greasy stains and deposits, which are not difficult to get in the kitchen. Thanks to it we can be sure that there will be no moisture and dirt in the house

adds Kamila Prałat from SOLGAZ.

There are many solutions available on the market which offer a number of possibilities. Depending on the size of the room and the location of the stove or the hob, we can choose wall mounted, cabinet or island hoods. In small kitchens or kitchens where the kitchen décor doesn’t require a hood as a decoration, cabinet hoods are the best option, as they can be concealed within the kitchen. They combine minimalist design with effective operation, which ultimately guarantees discretion and efficiency

An interesting solution available in the offer of Polish domestic appliance producer SOLGAZ is the GEST CONTROL cabinet hood. It is a modern appliance which will suit minimalistically designed space. The hood is controlled by hand movements, which is extremely useful to control the operation of the appliance when your hands are dirty from preparing a meal. GEST CONTROL is extremely efficient and quiet at the same time – at maximum power it is only 68 dB, which does not disturb the peace of your household

Valuable guidelines

Properly designed and installed ventilation is the basis, however it is worth considering other issues that affect air cleanliness in the kitchen and its ventilation. When it comes to household appliances, it’s not just the hood that takes care of the constant filtration of pollutants. The stove you use also has an influence on the conditions in the kitchen. Traditional, free-standing gas stoves cause grease and dirt to gush around and settle on adjacent furniture and walls when they are used. Moreover, when burning open gas, by-products such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide get into the air and affect its quality

– adds Kamila Prałat.

To avoid this and at the same time to benefit from gas, it is worth choosing innovative gas hobs without flames. SOLGAZ’s solution is based on a modern and patented technology of gas-under-glaze, thanks to which we can avoid constant contact with the flame and minimize the effects of cooking on open gas. The fuel in these cooktops is burned catalytically under a ceramic plate with no protruding grates. This is a way to enjoy gas while avoiding dangerous situations

Ensuring proper air circulation in the kitchen also means sticking to a few rules. Certainly, the room should be ventilated regularly, which not only affects the microclimate, but also the mood of the inhabitants. It is also worth remembering that in the case of closed kitchens, it is a good idea to close the door and leave the window ajar while cooking intensely aromatic dishes so that the possible fumes do not spread to other rooms

– adds the expert from SOLGAZ.

It is worth remembering! Ventilation in the kitchen affects the well-being of members of the household, as well as the cleanliness of the room and the freshness of products stored outside the fridge. Certainly the choice of modern household appliances, which will deal with all types of pollutants, is a great help in improving air quality

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