Soundbar or home theater – which to choose?

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For many people, the sound quality offered by modern TV sets is insufficient. Therefore, it is worth enhancing it with the right equipment. Which equipment should I choose – soundbar or home cinema?

What is a soundbar?

For many people the word soundbar sounds very mysterious. It is a sound bar in which several small speakers are placed. The small size of this device makes it fit easily behind the TV set or under it (if technical conditions allow it). Most soundbars are connected to the TV set via HDMI cable, and the latest models are connected via Wi-Fi. Most of these devices are equipped with a USB connector, so you can easily connect it to your smartphone.

In modern soundbars you can find an additional speaker called a subwoofer. This allows the device to play sounds even at the lowest frequency. Such models are more expensive, but the sound quality is much better.

Advantages and disadvantages of soundbar

The main advantage of this device is its small size. This allows it to be “hidden” behind the TV. The second advantage of soundbars is simple, even intuitive operation. The soundbar can be set up and operated via HDMI cable or Wi- Fi network. After a few minutes of configuration you can enjoy high quality sound.

Subwoofers have one big disadvantage – the price. A good quality device costs over PLN 1000. The sound quality of cheaper models will certainly not impress cinema and music lovers.

Home cinema: a popular audio solution

Home cinema sets are a very popular solution. Modern sets are wireless, thanks to the use of Bluethore technology. In stores you can find home cinema sets of various prices. The price of the set depends on the number of devices and sound power. For a home theater of a reputable brand you should pay about 1500 zł. In a classic set for this price you can get:

  • blu-Ray / DVD player,
  • receiver,
  • set of speakers.

Home cinema is recommended especially for people with spacious living rooms. If every meter of space in the apartment counts, such a set will be a troublesome solution.

Advantages and disadvantages of home cinema

The main advantage of home cinema is good sound quality. Achieving it with a soundbar, it is not possible. Professional home cinema equipment can create an atmosphere similar to a cinema hall.

The main disadvantage of this solution is the size and number of devices included in the set. In each set there is a minimum of 5 speakers, which take up space. Another disadvantage of this solution is that it is difficult to integrate the TV with any set. Most often, the home theater and the TV must be the same brand.

What to choose: soundbar or home theater?

Both solutions offer a good quality sound experience. When choosing a device for your home, you should take into account the size of the space you have and the size of your wallet. If you have little space, then choose a soundbar. When you have a lot of space in your apartment and want to buy expensive good quality equipment, then opt for a home theater.

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