TV or monitor – which works better for gaming?

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This is the question many gamers are asking themselves today. TV or monitor that is the question! It so happens that today we will try to find out the answer to it. Welcome!

A TV or a monitor – this is a dilemma for many gamers

There is nothing like a relaxing evening spent playing games, especially after a long day at work. Such entertainment, however, is more enjoyable when we have the right equipment at our disposal. Gamers often ponder over which console or PC to choose, but there is still one issue where they argue. TV or monitor – which will work better for gaming? The answer to this question is not easy, because, as always, as many people, so many right, but we will try to present the advantages of each solution

Can the TV can serve as a monitor?

In the past there was no such dilemma. We tended to stick to a certain pattern. The television was used by gamers who chose to play console games, while desktop computer enthusiasts combined them with monitors. However, technology moves forward, various solutions appear and among them there is a TV set in place of a monitor. Is it possible? Is it convenient? Does it make sense? All these questions can be answered in the affirmative, but a few issues should be considered.

TV as a monitor – advantages

Without a doubt, using a TV instead of a gaming monitor has several advantages that cannot be overlooked. It will be a great option for people who appreciate really good picture quality and modern technologies, such as HDR. However, sometimes you need to take some trouble to connect the TV to the computer, but everything is manageable, so there is no point in considering it as a disadvantage

The TV will be great if you use your laptop for gaming. It will be quite a convenient combination! Regardless of whether you connect the TV to your desktop or laptop, it is very important to simply take all the parameters into account and analyze them carefully. This way, you are sure to find the best solution that will allow you to feel the power of the image while gaming. We don’t have to add that a TV for console gaming will work just perfectly?

What should you look for when shopping?

What should you pay attention to when you decide to buy a gaming TV? First of all, issues such as the diagonal of the screen and the display. The quality of the gameplay depends on these factors. Experts also agree on the resolution. If you are looking for a gaming TV, do not consider any other resolution than full HD! If you have 3D games on your computer or console, then of course take that into account when choosing a TV. The better the parameters, the more comfortable the gaming experience will be – that’s obvious. Everything depends on how much you can allocate for this purchase. You’ll be dizzy with all the different options on the market! Great TVs, which are also suitable for gaming, are offered by companies such as Samsung or Philips. For such equipment you can spend from about 2000 zł to even 7000 zł

Gaming monitor – the most popular option

It is certainly worth considering the purchase of a TV, which will provide us with great moments with the game. However, the monitor is still the most popular solution. The most important issue when choosing a monitor is the right matrix and this issue is worth devoting a longer moment. It is also worth investing in the highest possible resolution and low input lag and response time parameters.

TV or monitor – the verdict!

So what are the conclusions? TV or monitor – what works better for gaming? The truth is that everything depends on the specific situation and our expectations. Gamers who own consoles will undoubtedly choose to play on TV, PC owners usually buy monitors. A TV replacing a monitor is still a less common option, but it is definitely worth a try if you have the opportunity.

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