Modern oven for your kitchen – interesting features

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Did you know that in case you are dreaming of a beautiful cake without any sourdough, the first and foremost thing you need to take care of is a good quality oven?

Many of the models available nowadays have the possibility of quick heating, which allows for significant reduction of time needed to prepare a dish. Find out what other interesting features a modern oven should have in your kitchen

Which oven to choose to enjoy the functionality?

The most important element of any oven is, without a shadow of a doubt, the heaters. For light cakes, it is enough to choose only the top heater. However, if you want to create a moist cake with fruit, it is worth turning on the bottom heater. The thermo-circulation also remains an important element. Its task is to evenly distribute hot air throughout the oven chamber

If you choose a modern oven, you can count on finding all kinds of possibilities that allow you to create a wonderful cake even by people who are not entirely familiar with baking. One possibility remains the use of automatic baking programs – some ovens have up to 80 of them! This makes it possible to choose the right program and insert one of the dishes to bake. The oven itself will take care of finding and setting the right parameters, such as temperature, baking time and heating method

Some of the models of modern ovens may also have an electronic cookbook, that is a dozen or even several dozen recipes that are available and displayed through the built-in LCD panel. Among the available recipes, it is also possible to use illustrations or expand the cookbook with new recipes by using its own USB connection

Oven with full-extension telescopic slides

An important convenience with modern ovens is the full-extension telescopic runners. These allow the baking trays, which can be placed on up to three levels, to slide fully out of the oven when the door is opened or pulled gently, keeping their level and not tilting. Moreover, they have very important safeguards against falling out

Additional features of modern ovens include carts. In this case, the baking trays are attached to the front of the oven and can slide out together with it. The cart can be pulled out completely, which makes it easier to clean

The multi-tasking oven – is it possible?

Baking many dishes at once is not new. Unfortunately, this type of baking is not very satisfactory in most ovens. It is not difficult to get burnt, raw food and general problems with temperature selection, baking time and choosing the right function.

In the case of modern oven models, it is possible to adjust them to bake multiple dishes simultaneously. This is all thanks to specially designed heat and air flows. Thanks to them aromas of dishes do not permeate and additionally it is possible to bake in one chamber several dishes requiring even different temperature.

In some models, the oven interior can be divided into special partitions. Original, so far unseen possibilities of modern ovens include, among others, switching on the steam or microwave function

Can the oven clean itself?

A situation in which we have devoted ourselves for many hours to cooking and whipping is not conducive to deciding afterwards that the oven needs to be cleaned. That’s why it is possible to choose pyrolysis – an oven with a function that burns off fat and leftovers at a very high temperature. You only need to take care of removing the ashes

In addition, some modern ovens are equipped with a steam cleaning program. This makes food residues very soft after a few minutes, allowing them to be easily removed with a cloth.

Before you buy an oven first pay attention to its energy class. The highest for this type of appliance is A-20%. This designation corresponds to class A++. A-10 on the other hand is nothing but energy class A+

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