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How do you increase security in your home?

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How do you increase security in your home?

Home security is extremely important. But how to ensure it? We suggest what you should take care of to feel safe in your home.

A house should be associated with a completely safe place, protecting us from any external threats. However, to make it really so, we have to take care of it properly. Find out how to effectively increase safety in your home.

The most common accidents in homes

Various types of accidents occur very often in homes. How to avoid them? First of all, take care of safety in each room, especially in the bathroom. This is where most accidents can happen. Slippery floor can be the cause of slipping, and a fall can result in a fracture, cut skin or concussion. In addition, poorly secured electrical appliances in the bathroom can even be deadly. If the hot water is heated by a junker, or gas stove, the system can leak carbon monoxide – and that’s one step away from carbon monoxide poisoning.

So how can we protect ourselves against these and other accidents? Among other things, by installing carbon monoxide detectors if your apartment uses gas, a fireplace or other similar heating devices, properly insulating sockets and other electrical components, placing non-slip mats in the bathtub and on the bathroom floor and installing wall brackets.

Burglary and theft

You should also protect your home against burglaries. An efficient intercom and solid anti-burglary doors will help you. How to choose them? Anti-burglary doors should have appropriate hinges that prevent from removing the leaf from the door frame. In such doors special bolts or hooks are mounted, which additionally block their removal in case the hinges are cut. The lock is also a very important element. Remember that the higher the number of bolts, the more resistant the door is to being broken into. If you live on the first floor, it may also be a good idea to install locks on your windows.

Safe space for children

Safety in your home is especially important if you have small children in the home. Remember that sharp furniture edges are very dangerous for children, as are, for example, chests of drawers that are not permanently attached to the wall – they can fall down on a child and create a real danger. Be sure to secure all of these items, keep detergents out of reach of children and remove ribbons, cords and sharp objects from children’s rooms and other areas accessible to children.

Home insurance

If you want extra security to ensure the safety of your home, you can also opt for a home insurance policy. This type of property insurance, financially secures the property against damage caused by random events and actions of third parties. The insurer covers losses resulting from certain causes such as fire, flood, burglary. The basic policy usually protects only the real estate and its fixed elements, but you can extend it to cover also home movables, i.e. apartment or house equipment, such as radio and TV appliances or furniture.

Keep in mind, however, that for such a policy to really make sense, you need to have the right amount of coverage. Analyze the market value of your apartment and the items in it and choose the insurance for the same amount. Remember that the sum insured is the highest amount you can count on in case of damage, so choose it carefully.

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