How to check if a password is strong?

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Online security should be an important issue for everyone who uses the Internet. A weak password can become an easy morsel for hackers. How to guard against this?

Setting strong passwords – is it necessary?

When registering for various websites and online services, we need to assign a password to our account. Many people in this case come up with a password that is easy to remember. Systems for creating passwords vary, but they often include a person’s name, locality, husband/wife/children/pet’s name, or even the word “password” itself. – Are such passwords secure? Unfortunately, no. It is worth taking care to set passwords that are strong and difficult to crack. How to check if your passwords are strong? Online tools will come to your aid. 

Kaspersky Password Checker

A tool created by Kaspersky Lab, a company that develops computer security software, and their flagship product is antivirus. Long experience (they have been in business since 1997), the effectiveness of the tools and their popularity are, as it were, a guarantee of the reliability of the prepared tool for checking the power of the password.

The creators of Kaspersky Password Checker ensure that they do not store the passwords they check, so the data entered by the user is completely safe. The tool works in two ways – it checks password strength and verifies that the password is not in any database of publicized passwords. The use of Kaspersky Password Checker itself is very simple and it literally takes a few moments to check the password strength.

Google Password Manager

Google also comes to the rescue in the context of password strength. The global IT giant is a reliable source of knowledge about online security. Google’s password manager supports the user right from the password creation stage. Its main goals are:

  • helping you create and save unique and strong passwords;
  • protecting saved passwords with built-in security features;
  • automatically filling in passwords that have been saved in a given Google account.

An additional and very useful option of Google Password Manager is the notifications that are sent to the user if the passwords saved in the account are leaked to the Internet. The tool from Google also allows you to monitor the status of passwords and their strength on an ongoing basis. By reviewing the passwords saved in the tool, you will see which passwords Google believes are weak and easy to guess, and which ones are used on more accounts (the ideal situation is an individual password for each account). Just using Google Password Manager is simple and definitely helps to control a large number of passwords for different accounts.

How to create strong passwords?

According to experts, passwords invented by humans are always weak. The reason for this is trivial – when typing, we use repetitive and therefore predictable patterns. Therefore, it is best to use a random password generator. A very intuitive program, for example, is Avast Password Generator, which uses mathematical entropy. The random passwords it creates can consist of letters, numbers and symbols. Avast guarantees that only the person using the generator can see the passwords created, so if you need a new, strong password, it’s worth using their program.

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