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Sparkling water mixer – the smart gadget in your kitchen

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Sparkling water mixer – the smart gadget in your kitchen

Want to drink tasty and healthy sparkling water? Read about carbonated water faucets.

Filtered sparkling water from your own tap is a great solution not only on hot days. Why is it worth to buy such a faucet?

Faucet for sparkling water – a useful little gadget

Bottled sparkling water for many people is an obligatory item on the shopping list, especially during hot summer days. Carrying heavy bags of water is not a pleasant task and popular pet bottles are not environmentally friendly. That’s why manufacturers of kitchen faucets, meeting the needs of their customers, have created integrated systems thanks to which carbonated water flows from the kitchen faucet.

Integrated Sparkling Water Systems

Integrated sparkling water systems consist of a special faucet and an eclectic cooling unit, which includes a filter and a carbonator. The compact size of the cooling unit allows it to be hidden in any sink cabinet. The unit requires a minimum cabinet width of 30 cm. 30 cm in width.

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The filter purifies water, and the saturator ensures proper saturation of water with carbon dioxide. Both elements are replaceable, so you can take care of high quality water. New cartridges and filters for the cooling device are not expensive, and they make the water tastier.

CO2 saturation adapted to the user

With modern kitchen faucets you can adjust theCO2 saturation to suit your preferences. There are special buttons on the left side of the device that allow you to choose sparkling, slightly sparkling or still water.

Modern faucet design

Sparkling water faucets are characterized by modern design and modern colors. The faucets feature three types of spouts in the shape of letters U, C, L – which allows you to match the faucet to your sink and kitchen style.

5 reasons why you should buy a mixer for sparkling water

1. An eco-friendly solution

With a sparkling water faucet, you can reduce the use of pet bottles. One plastic bottle takes up to 500 years to decompose. During spring and summer even a few hundred of such containers are used. An investment in an innovative mixer for sparkling water will make it possible to completely eliminate the use of pet bottles.

2. Clean and healthy water at home

Faucets for sparkling water not only eliminate the use of pet bottles, but also guarantee better tasting water. Thanks to the filters in the integrated system, the water is purified. In the 5-stage filtration system chlorates and calcium deposits, among others, are removed from the water. Therefore the taste of the drink is much better.

3. Saves money and space

A gas water tap saves space and money. Integrated water systems take up less space than a few squirts of carbonated water. The faucet is all about saving money (although it is a one-time larger expense initially, it pays for itself after just a few months of use). Assuming that you drink one bottle of mineral water a day, you can save several hundred zlotys a year. Thanks to that, such a system becomes an investment that pays for itself very quickly.

Remember to change the filter regularly (once a year at the most or when it gets worn out – the LED on the tap will inform you about that).

4. Safety

Modern faucets for sparkling water have a safety function preventing activation by children. Thanks to this you can be sure that even the most imaginative toddler will not start the device.

5. Design tailored to the look of the kitchen

The elegant and timeless design has been developed to fit in seamlessly with your kitchen décor. Faucets are available in two color options: copper and chrome

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