Voice controlled toilet – a hit or an unnecessary gadget?

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The smart bathroom is becoming more and more advanced. Modern devices in the smart home are supposed to make ordinary activities easier. What can the latest bathroom gadgets do?

Smart solutions are increasingly popular among manufacturers

Manufacturers of bathroom fixtures are increasingly turning to modern solutions that enhance the smart home experience. On sale you can find bathtubs that fill themselves with water using the appropriate application, mirrors with TV and music, and all this controlled by voice commands or applications in the smartphone.

What can a modern toilet do?

Manufacturers of a major bathroom equipment brand claim that the breakthrough gadget in the smart home will be a smart toilet bowl that responds to voice commands. Such a bowl has been available in the market recently and fully integrates with the system in the smart home. The toilet bowl is controlled by voice or app.

The toilet bowl is equipped with a number of interesting gadgets that will make using the toilet a real pleasure. The innovative toilet bowl has a seat heating system, so the seat can be pleasantly warm. While using the toilet, the toilet bowl can also warm your feet. One last interesting feature is the ability to play your favorite music while you use it.

The modern toilet bowl also provides touchless raising and lowering of the seat and flushing. A water saving flush mode is built in, making it a modern and eco-friendly solution.

The modern toilet bowl can be controlled with voice commands or with an app on your mobile device.

Is it worth investing in this gadget?

It is difficult to answer this question unequivocally. Voice control of the toilet is a convenient gadget that increases comfort when using the toilet bowl. It will be useful for people who forget to flush the toilet after themselves. For some, a modern toilet bowl will be a must-have in a smart home.

Modern solutions to enhance the comfort of the bathroom

Modern bathrooms use solutions that enhance the comfort of the room.

Remote bath filling, music and light

After a hard day’s work, many people don’t feel like waiting for the bathtub to fill up with water. This is why they often choose showers instead of baths. With the smart home, the water pours itself. With the app, you can set your favorite music and dim the lights – all this can be done from anywhere in the house. While bathing, you can control the music and light with voice commands.

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Multifunctional shower cabin

Modern shower cabins offer various programs for water massages. With the help of voice commands, you can also answer a call or check your email in the cabin – all you need to do is connect the cabin with your smartphone via an app.

Mirror with built-in screen

Smart home bathrooms include mirrors with a built-in TV screen. This way, while brushing your teeth, you can watch the morning news or while doing your makeup, listen to music or read your email at the same time. In the evening, the bathroom can become a home theater. The TV screen looks like a normal mirror after switching it off, thanks to the use of modern data transmission.

Toilet with bidet function

A toilet bowl with a bidet function is a great option for minimalists who like modern solutions. Using the app, you can choose the direction, strength of the water stream and temperature, as well as the option of drying with warm air.

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