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How to upgrade your office?

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How to upgrade your office?

We suggest what changes you should make in your office for better work comfort and efficiency.

A properly equipped office will certainly improve the comfort of your work. Optimization of space will create better conditions for creativity development, as well as have a positive impact on your well-being. Read what aspects you should take into account when modernizing your office.

Location tailored to your needs

Location of your office is very important for your business. When choosing it, take into account the type of business you do and the preferred form of contact with clients. If customer service is provided online, consider locating your office outside of the city center, which will reduce rental costs. Take into account accessibility to the office by public transport, as well as available parking spaces for employees. If you have direct client contact, it’s a good idea to look for premises in the city center. Being based in a large city helps to increase the company’s prestige, emphasizes its market aspirations, and makes it easier for more customers to access the office and use the company’s services. In this respect, the capital city will be the best choice. If you are looking for an office to rent, Warsaw is very popular and offers many development opportunities for your company.

Office design and equipment

It is worth creating a space that will guarantee your employees optimal working conditions. Proper ergonomics of office work in the long run will translate into higher efficiency and better well-being of people employed in the company. Most employees complain about back pain, so it’s worth making sure that the chair has a height-adjustable seat and backrest, and that the desk legs are stable. Many modern companies choose sit-to-stand desks, which make it possible to adjust the height of the top and change posture frequently. The desk surface should be wide enough to accommodate a computer along with the accessories necessary for work. As far as office décor is concerned, neutral, eye-pleasing colors and natural materials work well. It is worth taking care of the soundproofing of the space, as well as high quality lighting.

Electronic equipment for the office

Properly selected equipment allows for more efficient running of a company, and also has a positive influence on its business image. The basis of office equipment are computers with access to programs necessary to perform work. It is worth investing in a good quality laptop, which will be useful during daily work in the office, and also, thanks to its mobility and lightweight design, will allow you to work on the go or finish the project at home. A laptop will be indispensable if some of your meetings with clients are to take place off-site. Equally important is a large monitor so you can work with multiple applications simultaneously. Prolonged office work in front of a standard screen can cause discomfort at the end of the day. It is worth investing in a monitor with a large diagonal, which will additionally be equipped with the latest technologies caring for the eyesight, such as blue light filter. For comfortable client communication, a modern office should also include a cordless telephone. Cordless devices are more functional and work better in offices where there are several employees. The latest models allow users to enjoy the freedom of call flow, multitasking and professional features such as intercom, transfer, call forwarding and 3-way conference.

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