Electronic door viewer – what is it and how does it work?

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More and more solutions in our homes are constructed using the latest technology. In smart houses you can already find electronic peepholes. They work much more efficiently than traditional judas, but their purpose is similar – to see who is knocking on our door. Electronic peephole is equipped with a camera, which is mounted in front of the front door. Thanks to this we have a perfect picture of the person who wants to enter our home

Mounting an electronic peephole, is a great way to increase security and comfort of tenants. It is a solution thanks to which even children, who cannot reach the traditional peephole, can freely check who is knocking on the door. This is very important when the child stays alone in the apartment. Check out the other advantages of having an electronic peephole in your home

Classic viewfinder

Viewfinder commonly known as Judas, is a very important piece of equipment in our home. Classic peephole is a very simple device. It is usually constructed of two lenses, which are placed on opposite ends of a metal tube. The tube is then mounted inside the front door. Typically, the opening with the judas is at adult eye level

Unfortunately, this is not a perfect device because the image on the other side of the door is often blurred. Due to the fact that a classic peephole does not give absolute certainty who is standing on the other side of the door, it is not a guarantee of our safety. It will also be difficult to see the visitor’s face when the light on the staircase does not work or the entrance to the house is poorly lit. It is worth considering a more practical and functional solution, which is an electronic peephole

How does an electronic viewfinder work?

The electronic viewfinder is a fairly new device on the market. New technology allows you to install a peephole, which will be accessible to all household members. By using a camera installed at the front door, we can flawlessly identify people who want to enter our home. In addition to the previously mentioned camera, electronic peephole is also equipped with a screen, which displays the image recorded by the eye of the lens

The camera usually starts recording when the doorbell is pressed, so the image is not recorded senselessly when there is no one at the door. A built-in memory card allows you to see who tried to get in when you weren’t home and couldn’t open the door

A helpful solution for children and the elderly

This is a much safer solution than a classic peephole, which is not available for children and can be a problem for the elderly who have poor eyesight. And it is this group of household members who should be most careful who they open the door to, so as not to let an unwanted person inside. The electronic version allows for a high-quality picture of what is happening in front of the front door. Despite the very good quality of the device it is worth sensitizing children not to open the door to anyone they do not know

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Advantages of electronic door viewer

Why should you replace the classic peephole for a more modern electronic version? Mounting a camera in front of the front door allows you to view the image from different angles and zoom in and out. In addition, some models of viewfinders have an infrared camera, so it is also possible to play a good quality recording even in the dark

This is a great way to see who is standing on the other side of the door even if the light on the cage does not work or the space is not sufficiently lit. An electronic peephole can also be useful for single-family homeowners when a visitor knocks on the door after dark. Electronic peepholes usually run on a battery, making it unnecessary to connect them to the electrical grid with cables. Another plus is that the cameras fit into a standard peephole, so no special front door is required for installation

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