Camera for home use – which one to choose?

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Before the vacation season, cameras for home use are quite popular. If you, too, want to ensure peace of mind during your dream vacation, find out how to choose a home camera.

Camera for home use – is it worth buying one?

Many people associate home cameras only with monitoring the property in the absence of the owner, but this is not their only use. They are also useful, for example, for checking who rings the gate and tries to enter the property. Many people have a greater sense of security after installing such a camera. And for this reason alone, it is worth considering installing them.

IP camera – what is it?

Traditional analog cameras are being replaced by IP cameras, which not only record images, but allow you to view them in real time from anywhere via a dedicated app. In electronics stores you can find IP cameras wireless (they connect via Wi-Fi) and wired. 

Types of surveillance cameras

Before you decide to buy a specific model of home camera, find out what types there are and choose the right one for your needs. On store shelves you will find:

  • tube (bullet) cameras, which are suitable for monitoring over long distances. The lens in this type of camera is stationary and can only be pointed in one direction;
  • PTZ cameras – PTZ is short for pan-tilt-zoom. This type of camera has the most control functions, it is possible to pan and tilt. The ability to zoom in is also a big plus. The range of possibilities that PTZ cameras have makes them successfully replace even several standard surveillance devices;
  • dome (dome) cameras – these are popular cameras with a semicircular shape that are mounted both outdoors and indoors. These types of cameras are often used in stores or clinics;
  • high-speed PTZ cameras – these types of cameras are unlikely to be bought for home use, as they are best suited for monitoring large objects. Their main advantage is the ability to rotate 360 degrees;
  • box cameras – these are small cameras that are perfect for places where discreet monitoring is needed. They are small in size.

Should you mount the camera in a visible place?

Many people who are considering buying a home camera wonder whether to mount it in such a way that it is visible to a potential burglar. There is no clear answer to this question. A camera mounted in a conspicuous location can be an effective deterrent to a thief, but one should be aware that some may simply be better prepared to break in. Covering one’s face, damaging the cameras or trying to disable them by cutting off the power supply to the house – the ingenuity of thieves knows no bounds. A discreetly mounted camera, on the other hand, will not deter a thief, but if properly positioned, it will record his image, which will be a valuable lead when searching for the perpetrator. So which option is better? It’s hard to predict.

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