Android TV – what devices will work for you?

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Manufacturers are offering newer and more attractive TV offers, as well as modern solutions. One of them is Android TV. What are the characteristics of this system? Is it worth investing in it? We try to answer these questions.

The term “Android” is not alien to us. Simply put, it is an operating system that smartphones are equipped with. The Android system makes it easy to synchronize your phone with other devices, such as a laptop or tablet, usually using your Google account. What is important, this system allows you to install applications from the Google store on your smartphone. Thanks to them we can enrich the operation of the phone with additional functions. However, the Android system allows synchronization not only within the computer or phone. Modern technologies also apply to televisions and multimedia players. An Android TV system has been created especially for the latter devices.

What distinguishes Android TV?

Thanks to the Android TV system we can use applications and games that are available in Google Store, such as Netflix, YouTube or Prime Video. The database of applications and games is constantly updated and programs are improved. The advantages of Android TV include:

  • simple and intuitive navigation,
  • comfortable watching of series thanks to access to the largest platforms,
  • voice search,
  • possibility of playing games with a pad or remote control, without having to connect additional equipment (alternative to a console),
  • transferring files, multimedia and other content from your phone or laptop to the TV screen.

On the other hand, the disadvantages include lack of access to some applications from Google Play (although the offer is rich anyway) and the need for a fast Internet connection, especially when watching movies and series in high quality.

Android TV devices

TV sets with Android TV

On the market we can find more and more TVs with Android TV systems. Before buying such a device we should pay attention to several factors, including energy class, diagonal screen size, resolution, matrix used, display parameters or the number of HDMI connections.

Many well-known manufacturers offer TVs with Android TV. We can consider models from TCL, especially TCL LED 55C7026, which gets very good reviews. TCL receivers are not among the most expensive, and yet they boast good parameters. Other noteworthy high-end devices are models from Philips: Philips OLED 55POS9002 and Philips LED 55PUS7303/12.

Attachments and media players for TV with Android TV

Sometimes it happens that we do not want to replace the TV for a newer model with Android TV, but we care about additional facilities and functions. The solution in such a situation is to buy a device with Android TV – a media player or an attachment, which connects to the TV. Such devices are not only compatible with any TV set but they are also mobile, so you can take them with you when traveling or meeting with friends.

Among the attachments and players great choices are models such as: Xiaomi Mi Box S, Ferguson FBOX ATV, Savio Smart TV Box Premium One and Google Chromecast 3. Before buying a device with Android TV check the version of the operating system, supported audio and video formats, as well as the maximum video resolution.

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