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Can you control your TV with your smartphone?

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Can you control your TV with your smartphone?

Controlling your TV with your smartphone? It’s as real as it gets.

How to turn your smartphone into a remote control for your TV? It turns out that it is not so difficult at all. In a situation where the remote control is lost or damaged, you can do without it. Just choose one of the dedicated applications for this purpose.

How does the application that allows you to control your TV using a smartphone?

Thanks to the popularity of Android, you can use your smartphone as a remote control. It is present both in phones and in Smart TV systems. Then our action comes down to downloading one of the dedicated applications and pairing both devices. It is necessary that both use the same network

Which application to choose?

The desire to control the TV using a smartphone is so popular that many manufacturers have prepared applications designed to control their equipment. We download it to the phone thanks to Google Play. Sometimes there are also offered universal applications for controlling different types of devices. Examples are: Peel Smart Remote and Sure Universal Remote.

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