What can modern food processors do?

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A food processor is one of the most advanced appliances used to help with everyday cooking. It can cut, chop, whisk, blend and even grind meat, grate vegetables or squeeze juice. Modern food processors are a big help in cooking. See what functions they can have and how to choose the best one.

Which food processor to choose?

Food processors are becoming increasingly popular. No wonder – they are able to replace mixers, blenders and other appliances that often require many additional attachments. A food processor is the most efficient and the most capable of all kitchen appliances. An important advantage of modern robots is their design and quiet operation, as well as high efficiency.

Which food processor you decide on depends primarily on what functions you require from it. This is determined by the set of attachments included with the robot. Modern food processors can, among other things: mix, blend, shred, whip foam, knead dough. With their help, you can also cut vegetables and fruits into cubes and slices, as well as chip and grate various kinds of potatoes. Some models can also grind meat. There are various food processors available at https://www.agdhome.pl/ that have different functions.

Food processor with cooking function

This is one of the more interesting features used in the latest models of food processors. They allow you to cook thanks to the built-in induction hob and the ability to adjust the temperature. The bowl in which the food is prepared is made of a suitable material so that it can be heated with the help of induction.

Some modern food processors can also steam, while others have a sauté function for light browning of stews, sauces or pasta.

Food processors with a cooking function are not just for making dinner dishes. They are perfect for making cakes and cookies. Another interesting function of modern robots is chocolate tempering, i.e. heating and cooling it several times. This makes the chocolate smooth and glossy.

Popular attachments to the robot

Thanks to the versatility of food processors we have the opportunity to connect to them various attachments that serve other purposes. The most popular of these are:

– a set of discs that allows you to cut ingredients into slices, slices, and shavings. You can also grate and shred. There are also discs that are used to cut potatoes into French fries.

– a blender cup for making smoothies, fruit and vegetable purees, and soups. This is also great if you want to make drinks or sauces.

– a dough container for kneading and kneading dough

– a juicer – allows you to prepare excellent juices and successfully replaces the classic juicers.

What to consider when buying?

In addition to equipment with additional attachments, you should also pay attention to the power of the device. Here the scale of possibilities is very wide, because the power of robots can range from 600 up to 2400 W. The higher it is, the capabilities of the device are greater, but the price of the equipment is also higher. It is worth considering the requirements for the robot. For basic kitchen work, up to 1000 watts of power will suffice. More complicated tasks, such as kneading dough, squeezing juice or grating potatoes can be handled by robots with more power,1200-1400 W. Appliances above 1700 watts have the most functions and are designed for those who cook a lot and often.

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