Smart lighting in the bedroom – what facilities are worth using?

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An important issue affecting the relaxing and intimate mood in the bedroom is the light. Smart solutions allow you to adjust its intensity and shade. Find out what facilities are worth taking advantage of!

What is smart lighting?

At the outset, it is necessary to explain what smart lighting actually is. It’s a high-tech way to light up your home. Smart bulbs work with intuitive software that connects to an app and control system. This allows you to automate your home lighting to make your daily life in your home space easier. 

Smart and standard solutions – what are the differences?

Standard solutions work by turning switches on and off. More advanced patents also allow you to use a touch or analog dimmer that allows you to adjust the light intensity more precisely.

The smart version of lighting, on the other hand, is more functional. LED bulbs are connected to the home’s electrical system, but are additionally integrated with wireless control systems, including voice control. Among the most popular are Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. 

Smart lighting will bring a number of conveniences to the bedroom

The first plus is that it eliminates the need for regular wall switches. As a result, LED lights can be controlled from anywhere in the house and room, such as the bed.

Among the practical features of smart lighting, one must also include its efficiency. The use of the LED variety costs about $6 per year, CFL $7 per year, and a standard one as much as $14 per year. The next issue is the service life, successively 25,000 hours, 8,000 hours and 1,200 hours with the mentioned types. The whole thing is completed by the fact that LED bulbs emit less heat. Which solutions are worth considering?

Light bulbs that allow you to adjust the color of the light at will

One of them are color-changing bulbs. The product simply needs to be installed in a light fixture and select the shade using a remote control or an app that includes a Newton dial. When you point the pointer at a specific part, you can get a unique, customized color. 

Smart lamp that works with multimedia applications

Another convenience will be a smart lamp. Surely you have happened to fall asleep involuntarily with the light on, if only when reading a book or watching your favorite TV series. A smart lamp is a solution that allows you to automatically set the on/off time. 

There are also devices with built-in Bluetooth speakers in stores, compatible with apps such as Spotify and Stitcher. This allows you to turn on your favorite music or podcast and set a time for the light to turn off with the media running.

LED strips to bring a relaxing atmosphere to the bedroom

Smart lighting can be extended with special strips. They feature rows of LEDs, all of which are placed on a strip with an adhesive layer. It can be a bit of a challenge to find the right place to put them – due to the rather austere appearance in most cases, and the need for direct access to an electrical outlet. 

There are two varieties of products available on the market – single-color and multi-color. It is recommended to choose the second option, as it provides greater versatility. 

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