Cooktops that turn on… hood – what else can they do?

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The development of technology makes everyday life easier. Modern cooktops have more and more interesting functions. What can modern models do?

New functions available in cooktops

The basic purpose of a hob is to cook, but modern models have a number of interesting functions that make cooking more enjoyable. Modern cooktops have a built-in hood that automatically switches on when cooking begins. Such hobs are usually installed on kitchen islands to save space for the hood.

Modern cooktops “remember” about many things for us while cooking meals. Many people live in a hurry, so very often dishes are burnt while cooking. In the latest models there is a Cooking Sensor Plus function dedicated to Siemens appliances, which controls the degree of cooked food using a sensor located in the pot. PowerMove Plus function allows to divide the cooktop into spheres with different heating temperature.

Modern cooktops turn on the hood so you don’t have to do it with dirty hands while cooking. For the hob to control the cooker hood, they need to be paired together thanks to the Home Connect module – this is fitted to the latest models from Bosch and Siemens. For the hob to turn on the hood, both appliances need to be connected to Wi-Fi. When the cooking is done, the hood will automatically switch off. The power of the hood can be adjusted using the interface on the stove. You can also control the hood lighting on the cooktop panel.

Classic features of modern cooktops

Most hobs are equipped with many classics that make cooking much easier and more enjoyable. The standard in modern hobs is stepless power adjustment with a slider and adjustment of the heating field to the size of the pot

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Modern hobs are equipped with a number of interesting functions as standard:

  • booster / power boost – that is increasing the power of the heating field and maintaining the increased power for a specified time. The function depending on the model is available on one or all fields;
  • timer – after a specified time this function switches off the selected cooking field. Each field has a separate timer;
  • temperature sensor – modern hobs are equipped with a temperature sensor, which has both measurement and regulation option. Thanks to that it prevents e.g. milk from evaporating;
  • frying sensor – informs through a signal that the pan is already heated;
  • Stop&Go – immediately turns off all the fields of the hob or reduces their power to 1;
  • poweron lock – allows to lock all the settings while cooking or turning the hob on and off;
  • Hob&Go – which is automatic sensing of the pot by the stove;
  • AutoBridge – adjusting the field size to the size of the pot, thanks to this function you can e.g. cook a dish even in an undersized pot, as the heating fields are connected to each other.

Modern hobs mean convenience and functionality using the latest technology. By using such plates in the kitchen cooking becomes a pleasure.

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