What is a smart hood? Overview of modern features

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The kitchen is the place in our home where we usually spend the most time. Preparing meals or other household duties should give us pleasure, and this is this is possible thanks to modern appliances.

The kitchen island is the heart of the kitchen

The kitchen island is a place of common meetings while cooking and an additional working surface. It is an extremely fashionable and functional solution, so if we have more space, it is worth choosing it. It provides us with order and tidiness in the kitchen. A large and well arranged island will accommodate everything that is necessary when cooking. Home appliances are distinguished by original and sophisticated design, so they can also be a great decoration

A hood is an integral part of any kitchen

It is an essential appliance in every kitchen. However, you need to know how to choose a hood to match the already existing fixtures and fittings.

How do I choose a hood for a built-in?

Hoods can be purchased in many sizes: from 40 cm to even 120 cm wide. The standard is 60 cm, as this is the most popular size for built-in appliances

Choose the size of the hood according to the hob. It can be wider, but not narrower than the chosen equipment

Noise level of the hood

Hoods can be quite noisy. The noise level of a good hood on the highest setting should not exceed 50 dB and it is best to buy hoods that are less than 40 dB. Most hoods available in Polish stores are simple constructions with brush motors. The rotor movement generates noise which is quite high in cheap devices. Hoods below 1500 PLN reach even 75 dB on maximum gear! These are mostly products manufactured by subcontractors of big brands. They are manufactured by companies such as Ciarko, Faber or Midea. More expensive models reach a volume of less than 60 dB

When the island is the place where we cook, an important element is a hood that blends aesthetically with the interior of the room

Intelligent cooker hood

Classical cooker hoods are slowly becoming obsolete and the market now offers a self-starting cooker hood. How does it work? When you start cooking on an induction or gas hob the cooker hood and lights aboveit start automatically.

It’s also very convenient as the operation of the hood changes according to the cooking intensity so you don’t have to manually adjust the settings. Thanks to this solution, you can focus solely on cooking.

One of the manufacturers whose appliances offer such a solution is Electrolux (the name of this feature in Electrolux products is Hob2Hood). In order for the cooker hood to be self-activating, you will need to select a specific hob and cooker hood from the Electrolux range that can be paired

Odour/vapour sensor hoods

If you’ve got an existing kitchen and don’t want to change two appliances – the hob and the cooker hood – you can enjoy clean air in your kitchen with a less costly solution. All you need to do is replace the hood. This is because there are cooker hoods that have what’s called an odour/vapour sensor and will work with any brand of hob.

This solution is based on the fact that the cooker hood that has a special odour sensor will be activated whenever it detects the presence of intense odours, steam and grease particles generated during cooking. The power can be set according to the level of pollution and when the air is clean, the hood will simply switch off. The range of hoods with odour sensors includes Amica(OKC 951 S and OWC 952), Bosch (DWK98PR60, DWI37RV60, DWF97RV60, DIB98JQ50), Siemens (LC97FVW60, LC91KW60, LC91KWW20, LC91BUV50), Faber (In-Nova Premium), Elica, and Globalo .

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