Data backup – how to make it?

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Backing up data, or backup, should be a good habit for anyone who uses electronic equipment. How do you back up your data? Where to store it?

What is a data backup and why should you have one?

A backup copy is a copy of data that is necessary to restore the original files in case of hardware damage, accidental deletion, or loss due to a computer virus.

The most effective way to protect your data is through backups. By saving data on a regular basis, you can avoid irreversibly losing your files or using professionals to recover them. Every user of electronic equipment should remember that each device has its own strength, so possible failures and possible mechanical damage should always be taken into account. To negate the possibility of losing valuable data, it is worth creating a backup.

Types of backups

Backup can be created in several ways. There are three types of backup:

  • full – full backup of selected files or folders and the entire disk and system;
  • incremental – a backup of new and changed files;
  • differential – a backup created since the last backup.

How to create a backup?

There are several ways to back up your data. Whichever way you choose, there are several factors you should consider

  • theamount of data being backed up – if there is a lot ofdata, it is better to store it in the cloud than on an external drive;
  • security;
  • number of copies – you should always create two backups for safety.

Backup by system tools step by step

The easiest way to create a backup is to use the tools built into the Windows operating system.

  1. Prepare an external data carrier: pendrive or external hard drive, and then plug it into your computer.
  2. Turn on the settings panel in the start menu.
  3. Select the “Update and Security” section, then select “Backup” from the left-hand menu.
  4. Click on the “backup” icon.
  5. Next, click on the “Add Drive” icon and select the media you want to save your data to.
  6. Once you’ve added a drive, click “more options” and select the frequency of backups. The copy can be made daily or every so often. In this window, also select the folders for which you want to back up.

Backing up with software

You can create a backup using external software. There are many applications available that allow you to create a backup. Currently, the most popular programs are

  • EaseUS Todo Backup Home,
  • Acronis Backup,
  • Ferro Backup System,
  • Syncplicity,
  • AOMEI Backupper.

Backing up with these programs is very easy as the whole process is done with the help of a wizard.

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Backup to the cloud

Backing up toMicrosoft OneDrive or Google Drive, is completely free. You can store data up to several GB in the cloud for free. You can access this data from any device – you just need to log in. To back up to the cloud, log in to Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive. Then select the my drive icon. When Drive opens, select the upload files option. In the next step, select the files and upload them.

Where should I store my data backup?

It is best to store your data on an external hard drive, flash drive, or the cloud. Backing up to a computer makes sense if your hardware has more than one HDD or SSD.

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