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Can a fence be waterproofed in the winter?

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Can a fence be waterproofed in the winter?

Why shouldn’t you waterproof your fences in the winter and when is the best time to do this maintenance? Come in and find out the details!

Sometimes the work related to the fence of the property lasts until late autumn, and if weather conditions allow it, even early winter. In this case, after their completion, can you immediately proceed to impregnation of the elements from which it was made? Below we dispel this doubt

Fence impregnation requires a dry surface

Most manufacturers of products for impregnation of fences pay special attention to the fact that the surfaces on which the product is to be applied must be dry and cleaned of any dirt. Only in this situation, the impregnant has the possibility to work properly with its purpose

In autumn and winter is not possible to properly prepare the fence for the application of impregnate, which can not be absorbed in a situation of high moisture concrete blocks, or wooden posts and rails. Therefore, it is best to wait with such work until spring, when air humidity will be lower and the material will be dried by air temperature or sunlight

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