What is a multiroom speaker from Google?

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Multi-room audio is a network of related devices, such as speakers or amplifiers, that allow you to play music in all rooms from a central device, such as a smartphone or tablet. We look at how multiroom speakers from Google work.

It used to be that in order to hear music throughout the house, we had to turn up the volume on our equipment. Fortunately, technology has advanced enough that today we enjoy many conveniences. One of them is a multi-room system, thanks to which we can listen to music in every corner of our home without having to turn the knob in the next room.

What are the characteristics of a multiroom system?

A multiroom system has a few advantages, which I would like to mention. First and foremost, it is wireless, so all you need to do is plug in your chosen speakers and connect them to your Wi-Fi network via an app, which you can use to control playback. You can freely place the speakers in any location, even those hard to reach, and listen to music wherever you want.

What is important, the multi-room system is modular, which means that you can expand it according to your needs and funds. To start with, two speakers will suffice, but as time goes by, you can buy more devices and control them using the same application.

Multi-room system is associated with many great solutions. Thanks to an application, it is possible to play different songs simultaneously in many rooms. This option is especially useful when each member of the household has different tastes.

Let’s take a look at two speaker models from Google and see what they have to offer.

Google Home Hub multiroom speaker

The Google Home Hub multi-room speaker features intuitive operation that even people with no experience can handle. The manufacturer ensures that the equipment is made of carefully selected materials, so the speaker is designed for intensive use and will serve for many years. The base is solid and stable, which reduces the risk of accidental dropping.

The device has a touch screen, easy to read display and allows voice communication. We don’t have to manually type in a question, we just need to ask it out loud and after a while we will get an answer.

Google Home Hub speaker will seamlessly connect (via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) with other devices, such as external cameras or home security system.

The modernist design of the speaker is also eye-catching. Thanks to the neutral color, the device fits into most decorations or blends in with the surroundings.

Google Nest Audio multiroom speaker

The Google Nest Audio multiroom speaker, just like the model described above, allows voice communication. We can not only ask to turn on the music, but also ask Google about the weather, news and the score of the last match, turn on the lights and heating. Certainly a useful feature is the built-in privacy protection. In the Google Nest Audio multiroom speaker we have the option to delete the Assistant’s history.

The device is easy to set up and works with other Nest speakers and displays, as well as other compatible speakers and Chromecast-enabled hardware. In addition, an interesting feature is the broadcasting of messages on every Nest speaker in the house so that all household members can stay in touch with each other.

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