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How to use rainwater? The smart way to save water!

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How to use rainwater? The smart way to save water!

Water consumption in Poland is growing every year, so it is worth thinking about saving water. By using rainwater you can save money and have a positive impact on the environment.

Do you want to save on water consumption and contribute to environmental protection? Opt for ecological solutions that allow you to use rainwater!

In Poland the price of water per m3 is about 5 PLN. According to experts calculations, each of us uses about 150 liters of water daily. From that 20-40 liters is used only for flushing toilets. Price increases are being introduced to force us to reduce water consumption. However, before such water reaches the pipes in our homes, it must pass specific quality tests. Rainwater can be used for some household activities when we do not need high quality water.

How to use rainwater?

The water that is collected from roofs and yards is sewage, so it should be discharged into the rainwater system. An ecological solution is to collect soft rainwater and use it to water the garden or flush the toilet. In such water there are magnesium and calcium compounds, therefore it is not suitable for drinking. It will work great for washing clothes or washing your car

When installing rainwater harvesting equipment, make sure it is made of plastic. If the installation will be placed outdoors, it should not be made of corrosion-prone materials such as copper or steel

The ever-increasing water bills and dwindling water resources around the world are making people more aware of ecology and the dangers that await us if we don’t start taking care of our environment.

An important advantage of using rainwater is lowering the costs of water supply and reducing the amount of rainwater wastewater. The retention of rainwater in individual installations and the change of sewerage systems can have a positive impact on the quality of water bodies.

Benefits of using rainwater

Installing a rainwater harvesting system has many benefits that will not only affect your wallet and the environment, but also the quality of your clothes and the condition of your plants.

With your own water system, you will reduce the costs associated with tap water supply. Sewer water puts less strain on your system because it is not discharged directly into the sewer system, which helps reduce localized flooding. Rainwater contains less scale and is ideal for watering plants, washing clothes or flushing water down the toilet. It prevents scale build-up in washing machines and toilets

Rainwater harvesting systems

One of the most common ways to harvest rainwater is to collect it from a tiled or sheet roof. With such an installation you can collect about 90% of the falling water. The second way of collecting rainwater is to make a tank installation thanks to which you can store and then use it for the purposes mentioned before. From the downpipe you need to run pipes that will allow the water to go to the tank. This is usually buried underground and is used to store rainwater during rainfall. If there is no rainfall for a long time, the tank will be filled with tap water

Another and also the cheapest way to use the rainwater is a rainwater collector. The cost of such a solution is about 160 PLN, and its biggest advantage is the possibility to integrate it with the existing guttering system

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