Lighting in kitchen drawers – how to install?

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Lighting in kitchen drawers is a functional solution that greatly facilitates the use of their resources. How to install them?

Drawer light: think about it at the planning stage

The trend for built-in kitchens is at an all-time high. No wonder. Made-to-measure furniture maximises storage space. In addition, they reduce the occurrence of spaces that are difficult to access when cleaning. Usually, custom-made furniture from a carpenter or one of the chain stores is made from better quality materials, and the hardware used in it has a multi-year warranty.

One of the most important moments during the selection of furniture is precisely its design. It is at this stage that we should anticipate all solutions that will make it easier for us to use both the built-in and the entire kitchen. It is also worth planning lighting under and inside the cabinets. Thanks to this we will be able to check the contents of cabinets and drawers at any time and find the necessary items.

Why plan?

Planning lighting at the design stage is convenient because it is easier to lay electrical connections in a way that is not visible at first glance. What’s more, you can then take advantage of expert advice from the experts who design functional solutions for the kitchen on a daily basis.

Lighting in drawers. How to add them to furniture that already exists?

There’s no denying that many people find out what they need to change in their kitchen while they’re already using it. Only then do we really test the solutions and their functionality. So is there any chance of installing drawer lighting in the right place in the furniture?

Lighting manufacturers meet the expectations of forgetful people and offer ready-made solutions for use in kitchen furniture. Most often they are based on energy-efficient LED technology, which in addition to low power consumption can also tempt the promise of longevity

LED strips

Drawer lighting is usually in the form of LED strips of various lengths, which can easily be adjusted to the depth of your furniture. Keep in mind that these types of strips can be used not only in kitchen drawers, but also desk drawers, deep closets or dressing rooms. Their simple design will work well in any interior and will make them blend in perfectly with any type of lighting used in the room

How to install skirting boards?

Installation of LED strips in drawers is trivially simple – it does not require any special skills or equipment. Just fix the luminaires with screws inside the selected furniture, and then connect them to the power supply

Power cable strips are aesthetically hidden thanks to a special cover, which also protects it from damage. What is important: most of these skirting boards are equipped with special sensors that start light when the drawer is opened and turn it off immediately after it is closed

The customer can also choose the color of light that will be in the fixture (white, yellow and neutral). When choosing it should be guided by what color of light the other lamps in the room have, because it is not recommended to mix white and yellow lighting (but it is permissible to combine neutral color with both white and yellow)

Lighting in drawers: does it match any furniture?

The versatility of drawer luminaires allows them to be installed in virtually any conceivable type of furniture. Luminaires vary in length – they start at about 40 cm and go up to 120 cm. In addition, they are very narrow, which means that even in a very shallow cupboard or drawer they can be mounted without any problem.

Is it worth it?

If you are thinking about installing lighting in kitchen drawers – do not hesitate. The cost is relatively low and the functionality of such a solution will certainly make it easier and more pleasant to use your kitchen

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