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Where can LED lighting be placed?

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Where can LED lighting be placed?

Led lamps are a great solution for your home or apartment. Find out how you can use them to achieve an interesting decorative effect and provide your interiors with a real glow.

Led lights are not only incredibly aesthetically pleasing, but they are also extremely functional. In addition, they are the most economical solution when it comes to lighting, and they will work well in both your home and office space. So, we suggest where exactly you can place LED lamps.

LED lamps for living room and bedroom

LED lamps are a great idea for lighting up your living room or bedroom. You can, for example, decide to order LED lamp, which will illuminate the entire interior evenly, and also will become its amazing decoration. You can also choose a slightly more decorative solution, which are the RGB led tapes. To mount such a tape, you will need to mount a cornice on the wall, about 10 cm below the ceiling, and then place the tape there. You can mount the ledge around the entire interior or just on one selected wall. LED lamps can also be placed in the suspended ceiling. With this solution, the light coming from the LEDs will beautifully and subtly illuminate the room, which will guarantee a very effective and elegant effect. In addition, mounted in this way the lamp emits softened light, which makes it conducive to rest and relaxation – human eyes are least tired just in the reflected light.

Impressive bathroom lighting

LED lamps will also be a great solution for the bathroom. The light emitted by LEDs naturally reproduces colors and is adequately bright, which makes it ideal for rooms where we perform cosmetic procedures. It works great both as a main source of light and as a diffused light. It will look beautifully for example placed behind a mirror or under a bathtub. A very interesting solution will also be flat strips with LEDs between the tiles laid on the walls and on the floor. Remember, however, that the bathroom is a very humid room, so be sure to pay attention to the type of housing luminaire, determined by the IP symbol. IP 54 sealed luminaires will work best in the bathroom.

A beautifully lit kitchen

If you want your kitchen lighting to be not only functional but also impressive, LED lamps will also find application in this room. Thanks to them your countertop, stove, sink and all other important points in the kitchen will be beautifully illuminated. Lamps hung under wall cabinets will look great. This solution will make sure that all your work surfaces are evenly lit. You can opt for single led lamps or those on the tape.

LED lamps in the hallway and hallway

LED lamps will be a great solution also in the corridor or hallway. In these places, however, the best LED panels mounted in a surface-mounted frame. Such models usually have a neutral design and fit perfectly into any interior. They emit diffused light and provide even illumination of the entire surface. In addition, it is a great solution for very low rooms.

main photo: Marcus Wallis/unsplash.com

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