First smart home purchases for heating

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Just a dozen years ago, a smart home seemed like a passing fancy. Today, we are more and more willing to use new technologies that facilitate our daily functioning and help us save money.

Smart home is a home automation system, thanks to which all connected devices can operate automatically. The most important thing when creating a system should be to centralize control over all devices. The task is facilitated by special applications that allow you to manage each element.

The cost of a smart home system may vary from one household to another due to its size and our needs. The best option is to decide on automatic control of the alarm system, air conditioning, lighting, external blinds, garden irrigation and heating. For minimalists, automatic temperature management may suffice.

Intelligent heating – advantages

The classic device that allows you to manually adjust the temperature is the thermostatic head at the radiator. Its main disadvantage is that we have to turn it by ourselves to control the temperature and adjust it to our needs. The traditional way of heating is often associated with high energy bills. A much more convenient solution is automatic heating control. Intelligent technology can save up to 40% of energy, which translates into real savings.

Modern thermostats are equipped with WiFi or ZigBee module, so we can manage heating via smartphone. With the help of dedicated applications:

  • we check the amount of energy consumed,
  • Check the current temperature in all rooms one by one,
  • adjust the temperature to individual requirements from any location,
  • We program changes of temperature for each room.

An important advantage of intelligent heating is also the fact that we have the opportunity to switch the entire heating system in a cost-effective mode, for example when going on vacation.

What should I consider when buying a smart home heating system for the first time?

If we are just starting to build a smart home system in our household, we do not have to immediately decide on an extensive network of smart devices. In the case of heating, we can start with a single smart thermostat head. After some time, when we are convinced of its operation and functionality, we will buy other elements, for example a set with a bridge, allowing for remote control. Intelligent heating will be especially useful in large apartments, which are difficult to heat. Smart home systems help to optimize heat costs and prevent heat losses.

Examples of smart heating systems include products by Netatmo, Somfy or Meross. Manufacturers offer kits that differ in the number of available elements, so we have the opportunity to adjust the devices to their own requirements.

Installing smart heating in your home is associated with certain expenses, as when buying any household item, but thanks to the smart home system in the long run we save on bills, and the costs resulting from the installation of such facilities can pay for themselves after just two seasons.

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