Dimmer for LED bulbs – how does it work?

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How does the LED dimmer work? This small device allows you to modify the power of lighting, which can sometimes be very useful. You can create a moody atmosphere, but also increase the intensity of light for reading. What should you pay attention to when choosing one? We suggest!

How does a light dimmer work?

A light dimmer is an adjustable transformer whose task is to modify the intensity of light. Its range of operation is from maximum intensity to complete extinguishing of the bulb. Newer, electronic models are adapted to 12 V and are part of an intelligent light control system.

What is the difference between modern dimmers and manual ones?

The main difference lies in the fact that modern devices are much more developed. The place of a knob adjusting the light output was taken by commands issued from a distance. All thanks to modern components and control via e.g. remote control.

What kind of LED dimmers do we have?

Most of the offered devices are surface mounted. Flush-mounted dimmers are much rarer, more expensive and often do not have LED compatibility features. Among surface-mounted devices, we can choose from dimmers:

  • tactile,
  • rotary,
  • touch and rotary.

Technical improvements are increasingly important. The basic one is the remote control option, but more and more often we can find dimmers which react to voice. These types of solutions seem to be the most future-proof and fit into the concept of a smart home

When is a LED light dimmer useful?

LED bulbs are an increasingly popular light source that we like to use in our homes. They are valued for their ergonomics and functionality. The advantages of dimmer are especially visible in small rooms, where it is problematic to install many different light sources. Then this simple device can adjust the power of lighting to the requirements that we just have

What other advantages have this solution?

Of course, the advantage is also electricity savings. In the case of LED bulbs it is already very large, but the perfect solution is just a dimmer, which allows you to further improve these parameters. What is the result? First of all, even lower electricity bills

How to choose a dimmer for LED bulbs?

It is worth paying attention to the wealth of solutions that we can find on the market. Unfortunately, sometimes it leads to difficulties in the combination of light bulbs with a dimming device. How to choose them?

The main problem: different solutions on the market

Unfortunately, but the market lacks standardization. Not every bulb has the right driver in relation to the type of dimmer. Therefore, instead of regulating the power of lighting, we can make it flicker, work only in a selected range, fade or pulsate. Of course, we may come across a fully compatible set by chance, but it is not at all certain

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One manufacturer

It is advisable to choose LED bulbs and dimmer in such a way that they are manufactured by one company. This will make it easier to match individual components to each other. Most often, these are ready-made sets. Otherwise, you need to at least pay attention to the fact that the device is compatible with LED bulbs. Dimmable bulbs have a special system that receives the signal from the dimmer. This makes it possible to operate the device without any problems

Aesthetics and connection

The front of the dimmer should match the set of sockets and switches that have already been installed in the room. It is worth taking care of the uniform aesthetics of the interior

Most often, connecting LED dimmer is not difficult and you can do it on your own. It is only worth following the instructions and absolutely carry out all work with disconnected voltage. If you do not feel strong enough to carry out the installation yourself, you should have it done by a specialist

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