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Interior design with posters

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Interior design with posters

Read how to decorate your interior effectively with posters.

If you need to refresh the look of your apartment, then consider decorating your walls with posters or reproductions of paintings – so you can completely change the character of the interior with little effort. Read what you should keep in mind when decorating your walls with posters.

Posters are wall decorations that suit both private and commercial spaces. They come in so many designs and colors that lovers of different styles are sure to find the right model for themselves. They can be hung on the wall solo or in compositions. Recently it has become very popular to create wall galleries, which combine posters and family photos. An alternative to the aforementioned solutions can be placing the poster on a dresser or leaning it stylishly against the wall.

Color consistency

When choosing a poster, take into account the other color accents in the room so that the graphic blends nicely into the interior. For apartments decorated in a modern style and home offices fit interesting abstract posterswhich are characterized by unobvious graphics and vivid colors – thanks to this they positively influence creativity and enliven the interior. Typographic posters with motivational quotes are also recommended for the office. Sentences and original slogans framed in an elegant frame will decorate the interior and at the same time inspire you to action.

If you are looking for bedroom decorations, which are supposed to have a soothing effect, bet on delightful photos of nature and painterly landscapes. On the other hand, in interiors kept in Scandinavian style, toned down and minimalistic posters will be perfect – economical in form, they will add class to the room and will not be too distracting. You can also get an original arrangement by introducing exotic and oriental elements to your bedroom. Posters with botanical motifs will surely enrich the whole arrangement. See nature inspired posters here: https://www.bimago.pl/plakaty/botaniczne.html.

In the kitchen look nice posters depicting the ritual of drinking coffee, wine guides and humorous graphics referring to favorite dishes. Reproductions of paintings by famous painters are also very elegant. The big advantage of posters is the fact that they allow you to change your decoration very easily without significant financial outlays.

If you are looking for a decoration for the children’s room, check out the colourful posters from bimago. Children will surely delight in images of space and animals, as well as heroes of their favorite fairy tales. Posters will make the little ones’ play space more pleasant, and when the kids grow up, you can easily replace the graphic with another one or create a family photo gallery in place of the poster.

Choosing the right frame

Posters can be used in all kinds of rooms, but the main thing is not to exaggerate with their number, so that the effect obtained is not overwhelming and does not optically reduce the room. The most common mistake in arranging the interior graphics is mismatching the frame with the furniture and other equipment in the apartment. When choosing a frame, it is worth taking into account the type of its finish. For safety, it is better to opt for models with transparent acrylic glass, which are lighter and more resistant to shattering in case of a fall. If you are creating a wall gallery, then try to draw out its composition for yourself first. Posters should not hang too close to each other, and it is also important to maintain color consistency. If you are worried about whether the posters will look good next to each other, use a color wheel. Also remember that too many different colors can cause eye strain and headaches.

Photo by Kam Idris/unsplash.com

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