Smart lighting in the bathroom – how to plan it?

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Due to the characteristics of the room, the bathroom is the wettest room in the house. Therefore, the installation of lighting should be considered in detail. 

IP rating

Ingress Protection is a universal rating system, which is used to determine the degree of dustproofness and waterproofness of light bulbs. The ratings consist of two numbers. The first relates to the extent to which the item is protected from dust or other small particles. The second, in turn, is related to the level of resistance to water exposure. The higher the value of both figures, the higher the level of safety of the installed smart lighting.

Bulbs with a degree of waterproofing below the IP44 ceiling should not be used in the bathroom, where there is direct contact with water. Rather, they are suitable for installation in rooms such as the living room or bedroom, where they are not exposed to dirt, dust or moisture. The best solution will be lamps with waterproofing levels above IP65.

Designate safety zones where the lighting will be installed

The zones with the highest risk are the areas around or inside the shower, not far from the bathtub and sink. In their space you need to use bulbs with a protection rating above IP67. Using smart lighting below this ceiling will increase the likelihood of a short circuit and fire outbreak.

The area above the shower/tub and sink is also at risk. Light bulbs at a distance of 2.25 meters from the floor or 60 cm from a water source should meet standards above IP65.

Types of smart lighting for the bathroom

LED mirrors controlled via Bluetooth are very popular. The connection range of devices in this group is up to 10 meters. Products can also be equipped with speakers mounted on the back of the glass sheet. Manufacturers also opt for different varieties of light. The user can switch between cold, neutral and warm colors. There are products available on the market in various shapes – from classic rectangular to oval.

LED strips are also installed in bathrooms. They are mounted under cabinet tops or in the edges of suspended ceilings. Their installation is very simple. The advantage is the ability to control the lighting from a smartphone. On the market there is no shortage of models whose waterproof level is within the IP65 standard.

Smart lighting in the bathroom is also the so-called pendants and plafonders mounted on the ceiling. They emit diffused light, which makes the room visually lower. Their advantage is also that they take up little space and do not interfere with the daily use of the room. 

Is it worth opting for smart lighting for the bathroom?

Smart lighting for the bathroom is a good choice for those who want to increase not only the visual value of the room, but also its functionality. The option to remotely control the operation of lamps, mirrors or moldings allows you to bring a relaxing mood to the bathroom from your smartphone, even before the householder is inside. It also fulfills a practical function. If you forget to turn off the lighting manually, you can do it in the app. All you need to do beforehand is to plan the installation of the system well, reducing the risk of a short circuit.

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