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Projector and projector – useful or unnecessary gadgets at home?

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Projector and projector – useful or unnecessary gadgets at home?

Don’t have room for a TV? Or are you unnecessarily paying for a TV subscription that you don’t watch anyway because you prefer Netflix? See how you can solve both of these problems with a projector.

Is a projector necessary in the home? Children of the 1980s and 1990s will probably say yes. After all, it used to be that the greatest attraction was a slide show projected onto a sheet hanging from a wall. Now, however, when every home has a large color television and Internet access, projectors have become a device available only in schools and conference rooms. But can such equipment still be useful at home? Find out!

TV substitute

The television and radio licence fee is a cost borne by every TV set owner, regardless of whether they watch TV or not. It’s always a few dozen zloty that escapes from your pocket every month. On top of that, you have to add a monthly fee for a cable TV package to actually have something to watch and only then can you enjoy the entertainment. However, all these costs are largely unnecessary because they can be replaced by a much more attractive subscription to online streaming services. You can also watch news programs online without any problems. If you replace your TV with a projector and buy a special screen for it, you can save a lot of money that you waste every month on TV programs that you don’t watch anyway

Outdoor cinema at any time

If you have a projector, you can organize an outdoor cinema whenever you want. That way you can give your kids the same great memories you have of watching The Lion King or 101 Dalmatians on a sheet hung between the trees on a warm summer evening. Outdoor cinema is also a very apt and romantic date idea. If you have a garden, hang lights in it, light candles and lanterns, spread a blanket and lots of pillows, organize a picnic for your other half, and then a screening over wine in a romantic setting. Such a date is sure to impress and be a wonderful memory for years to come or become your tradition

Saving space

An overhead projector instead of a TV set is especially useful in small apartments where every inch of space is at a premium. Walls are often cluttered with bookcases, shelves and closets, so there is not enough space to hang a TV. In such a situation, a pull-down screen, which can be placed anywhere, in duet with a small projector will create a set that you can set up whenever you want and watch movies and TV series on a big screen without giving up space for more necessary things. The screen for the projector, when rolled up really takes up very little space and can be kept behind the closet, under the bed or on a shelf. This solution is worth introducing, for example, to a bedsit or a small living room. As we wrote above, you can also watch TV on the projector, so if you prefer a more traditional form of entertainment, you can also use this option

A slide show or your favorite cartoon on the projector was a special event in your childhood. Now it’s making a comeback, even though it was passe for many years. No matter whether you want to save money or valuable space in a studio of several meters, you will find that since the nineties, the projector has not lost its relevance at all. It’s a perfect and cheaper replacement for a TV, and the atmosphere you can create with it at a party is impossible to fake in any other way

Main Photo: LoboStudioHamburg/pixabay.com

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