What types of safes are there?

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Expensive jewelry, cash, high-tech electronics, or securities are all a rich catch for burglars who search homes and apartments for valuable items to sell. In addition, items such as firearms should be properly secured in the home to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. A safe can be used to protect both precious things and dangerous items. Here are some types of this device and their specifications

Classic safe

The most popular option for securing money, items and documents, both in private homes and in hotels, is the regular, classic safe. It has been a popular method of protecting yourself from theft for many years. Burglarproof safes are marked with security certificates, which are signed with symbols. What do they mean?

Marking EN 14450 – this symbol is usually used for safes, but there are also extremely safe safes of very high classes. The safety classes of these markings are: S1 and S2, with S2 indicating a higher level of security.

Marking EN 1143-1 – this is how ATM safes, storeroom doors and storeroom cabinets are marked. This is the basic and most important European standard, according to which safes are certified, including the most secure ones. Security classes: 0, I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII

You can buy safes of various types and sizes for both private and professional use at https://www.impeximp.pl/

Armoured cabinets

A more professional type of protection for valuable items and not only are armored cabinets. These are classified according to similar designations as safes, but with larger cabinets, fire resistance classification designations are also important. A fire can destroy banknotes, documents or other heat sensitive items, so to protect them from fire, it is worth paying attention to the fire resistance class of the safe

The EN 15659 designation – this class stands for “safes resistant to minor fire”. However, they are still suitable for storing paper. There are two fire resistance classes: LFS 30 P and LFS 60 P. This is a classification of the time of protection against fire and means protection for 30 and 60 minutes respectively.

The designation EN 1047 – this is how the so-called reliable fire resistance is designated, so that not only paper but also data carriers and discs can be stored in such safes and armored cabinets. Classes: S 60 and S 120 – protection for 60 and 120 minutes respectively

NT FIRE 017 designation – this type of designation comes from Sweden and specifies the fire protection for stored paper, data media and discs. Classes: 60, 90 and 120 – protection for 60, 90 and 120 minutes respectively

Mobile safes

A travel safe is an armored metal case that can be carried or taken with you in your suitcase on a journey. Impeximp store has them in its offer. They are usually used to store weapons, cash or documents. Their rather compact size makes it possible to take them with you, but it should be taken into account that such cassettes are very heavy, so air travel with such luggage can be difficult and more expensive. In addition, of course, it is illegal to bring hazardous materials and weapons on board many means of transport, so the contents of such a cartridge on a trip cannot be a gun or a knife.

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