What to look for in a home monitoring project?

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Home monitoring helps to increase the sense of security on your property. It works well, for example, when you want to keep an eye on children in the care of strangers or you are on vacation. Is it worth investing in home monitoring? What should you pay attention to when designing it? We explain!

More and more house projects are complemented by a professional monitoring system. This may seem like an unnecessary investment, but no one can deny that comfortable living in a detached house is dependent not only on practical and aesthetic design solutions, but also well thought-out safety features.

The basis in terms of security are certainly a solid exterior door and anti-burglary roller shutters. However, they do not provide complete protection. With help comes monitoring, which can record everything that happens in the property during our absence. It is especially useful when someone steals from us. What is important, monitoring does not have to be expensive. The market offers many solutions at favorable prices. Whatever the cost of installing a monitoring system, it should be remembered that it will be less than the potential losses due to vandalism or burglary with theft.

Home monitoring systems

We can choose from a variety of home monitoring systems available to control our property. Technologies are successively improved so that the image quality is getting better and better or it is possible to preview it on various devices, for example, on the phone. The systems differ in the technology used. What options do we have to choose from?

Analog video surveillance system

It offers the lowest-quality technology (image resolution up to 960H), but is usually chosen due to low cost of purchase and installation.

HD video surveillance system

Its maximum resolution is 1080p. It is characterized by high resistance to interference, low latency and easy modification. Moreover, it is compatible with analog technology.

IP video surveillance

IP video surveillance is based on LAN connection, so the DVRs can be deployed in any location. It is distinguished by the use of the highest image resolution, which can be recorded in HD, Full HD and even 4K. The signal in the device is not subject to interference, so we can read the detailed image.

AHD monitoring

Its operation can be based on an analog monitoring system. It allows recording images in HD 720 and Full HD resolution, but the maximum distance of image transmission is only 500 m.

HD video surveillance

Supported by ASC (Auto Signal Compensation) system, thanks to which any distortions are reduced to a minimum. It uses megapixel cameras that provide images of very high resolution and high-speed data transmission.

Which monitoring system should be chosen?

When designing a home monitoring system, first of all we should pay attention to our needs. We can decide on indoor or outdoor monitoring. The outdoor system should be made of materials resistant to harmful effects of the weather. For the outdoors there are usually used compact cameras resembling rectangles, rotating cameras that record images around themselves, or more universal tube cameras in the form of cylinders.

Indoors, on the other hand, dome cameras are the best choice, especially when we care about the aesthetics of these devices. The advantage of dome models is that you cannot see exactly in which direction they are pointed, which increases the sense of privacy. It is also worth deciding for wireless monitoring, which does not require installation work and attachment of cables.

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