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Is it worth it to install a digital lock on your gate?

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Is it worth it to install a digital lock on your gate?

Secure your home in a modern way and use a digital lock in the gates. Come in and find out what its benefits are and how it works

Home security is a priority for many residential homeowners. Therefore, more and more people are trying to take care of it, even before entering the property, installing digital locks in the gates. However, is such a solution really able to protect against unauthorized intrusion into the private area?

How does a digital lock work?

Digital locks are usually based on keypads and electrical power, which can be realized through batteries with a power of 9V or installation cables. Opening gates can be done using a numeric keypad, on which you must enter the appropriate code, or a lozenge placed on the reader or remote control, which send radio waves with a message that opens the element on which such a lock will be mounted. The use of such a solution will prevent unauthorized persons from entering the premises

An additional advantage of digital locks is that this type of locks can be integrated with intelligent home systems or alarm systems that allow you to read the time when the gate was opened

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