Modern camera drone for home monitoring – what is it and what is it used for?

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We often leave the monitoring of our home and property to a security company. However, it is not the most effective form of protecting our property. Monitoring around the house is quite expensive, so more and more people decide to use modern drones

Modern drones for property monitoring

There are many modern drones on the market that allow for quick takeoff, including from the hand, as well as independent landing. Such unmanned aerial vehicles used for property monitoring have two parts – the drone and the control system.

On the front of the drone are sensors and modern navigation systems. Thanks to them, we know where the drone is located. This makes it much easier for the device itself to detect various types of obstacles. Many drones have very good quality composite materials that absorb vibrations and reduce the noise produced during flight. Thus, they are noiseless, which allows for more effective monitoring

Technologies used in modern drones

Modern surveillance drones have many interesting and useful technologies, including:

  • LIDAR – a.k.a. Light Detection and Ranging, this is a technology very similar to sonar; instead of microwaves or sound waves, it uses reflected visible laser light; with it, it can create numerical models of the terrain, including buildings or roads,
  • gyroscope, flight controller – the gyroscope is very important in the drone, which enables its smooth flight; it reacts to the forces that affect it in the air and also stabilizes its movements, which allows it to download the necessary navigation information to the flight controller,
  • no fly zone setting – thanks to the possibility of setting the zones into which the drone is not allowed to fly, we have the possibility of controlling the drone; this function allows us to avoid a situation in which our monitoring drone leaves the property; the drone can be much better controlled thanks to this function and has no access e.g. to zones within airports or runways,
  • GPS and Ready To Fly technology – a very important feature in drones is GPS, which allows it to navigate accurately; the Ready To Fly feature allows the drone to fly without our control; this way the drone can monitor the area when we are not around.

What are the advantages of monitoring the area with a drone?

First of all, this solution is cheaper than buying a subscription from a security company. A home alarm system alone costs about 4000 PLN. In addition, every month we pay a special subscription to the security company. There are systems that automatically call the police, but it can be quite troublesome for us because sometimes we turn the alarm on by accident, forgetting to turn it off after entering the yard or house

Drones monitoring the property cost 9000 PLN and have FPV technology. It allows us to view live video, which allows us to control our home even when we are on vacation or at work. This technology allows us to fly the drone to much further distances and observe the house from above. It is very useful at the time of a possible break-in. Drone footage can be very useful evidence in a case

Some drones are also able to report detected movement within our home and even call for help. More and more business or home owners are opting for such monitoring. Drones cover a much larger area with monitoring than traditional cameras mounted on the facade of the house.

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