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What is blockchain and what impact does it have on workflow?

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What is blockchain and what impact does it have on workflow?

Blockchain is a modern form of document security. Now it will also be used by Swietokrzyska University of Technology.

A special technology to secure documents will be used by the Holy Cross University of Technology. Students will receive diplomas protected by blockchain. What does it mean?

What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a technology that uses blockchain to store and process information. It has to do with the execution of transactions on the Internet. In practice, information is scattered across the network and there is no single central point of storage. For example, one block holds data from a certain number of transactions, and more information is collected in the next block. This creates a chain that is harder for outsiders to access.

Security of documents in public administration

More and more official matters can be completed only via the Internet. The electronic system is growing in strength, especially since large savings have been observed in relation to the circulation of documents.

– The market understood that the paper form in comparison to the digital form is simply flawed, it is less secure, less effective, it is slower. So we can already talk about a trend. Earlier we could talk about digital document management in the context of a revolution, whereas today, when we observe the market, it is a process of some kind of evolution – points out Gabriel Dymowski, co-founder and president of DoxyChain for Newseria information agency.

One of the most interesting solutions is the DoxyChain system, which enables signing documents with an electronic signature. The start-up uses blockchain technology to secure the paperwork. It will be used, for example, at Kielce University of Technology to secure electronic diplomas.

– If we talk about blockchain technology, it is definitely ahead of the legislation. At the European Union level there are already very ambitious plans on how to regulate this technology. A number of working groups are being set up under European institutions. There is still no binding legal framework in which to move – emphasizes the CEO of DoxyChain for the Newseria news agency.

Source: Newseria

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