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Electric or fuel – which home heating system to choose?

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Electric or fuel – which home heating system to choose?

Heating in a single-family home is needed not only during the heating season. See which type of heating is the best choice.

When you choose a detached house over an apartment in a block of apartments, you have to reckon with the fact that you will have to do many things yourself. Although the heating season is long over, in many detached houses you still have to fire up the stove in order to have hot water in the tap, for example. What kind of heating is the most efficient, economical and ecological? Find out.

Heating with fuel – types and costs

Among the fuel, there are several more and less cost-effective options. There are also environmentally friendlier options than others. We will discuss all of these proposals

Coal-firing has been infamous for several years, and this is for good reason. First of all, coal-fired stoves are very dangerous. When coal is burned, it emits chad, which kills about 100 people every year. The risk of suffocation is quite high, and carbon monoxide poisoning is even higher. Coal also emits into the atmosphere a lot of pollutants, harmful gases, dust and other substances that contribute to pollution and poor air quality.A ton ofcoal costs from 700 to 900 PLN, which means that heating a house with an area of 150 m2 will cost around four thousand PLN

It is a bit more expensive to burn eco-pea coal, a ton of this material costs about 1,000 PLN, but it is much more convenient and, as the name suggests, more ecological option. You can also get a new one, which is a very good option for you, as you can also get a new one, which is a very good option for you. Automatic boilers are also much more convenient, thanks to the feeder, user intervention at the stove is minimal

Heating with pellets is a very attractive alternative to coal and eco-pea. Wood pellets are made from wood processing waste – sawdust, shavings, bark. It has the form of small sticks, which are formed by pressing dry material, and its production does not use glue or any other chemical binding agents, which could emit harmful substances during combustion. This is the most ecological solution, as wooden pellets do not produce carbon dioxide during combustion, which is one of the main culprits of global warming. Another huge advantage of pellet is its price, because a year of heating a house with an area of 150 m2 costs about 1700 PLN

Electric heating – advantages and disadvantages

Electric heating is becoming more and more popular in Poland. Apparently it is more environmentally friendly than fuel, but remember that Polish power plants are mainly coal-fired, which makes it not at all ecological option. Electric heating can be environmentally neutral, as long as you get your electricity from the sun, using photovoltaic panels. Electric heating is for a house of 150 m2 costs annually (without photovoltaic panels) about 5 thousand PLN

There are different types of electric heating, but all of them use a similar amount of energy, and thus the prices do not differ much. Installing any of these options is quite expensive and involves major renovation work, so the type of heating you choose must be matched to the size of your wallet and the possibilities of your home.

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