LED linear system – modern and energy-efficient lighting

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Linear systems are modern lighting. What are LED linear systems and why are they worth having?

Why do linear LED systems evoke bad associations?

LED linear systems are associated mainly with warehouses, factory halls, office buildings, that is, cool and unpleasant light that flickers when turned on. Such lighting is a cheaper alternative to the popular fluorescent lamps, so it is used in public places.

Modern linear systems

Thanks to technological progress, modern LED linear systems are very practical and energy-efficient. They are available in modern designer shapes. We choose from three colors of light: warm, cold and neutral. This allows you to match the fluorescent tube to the style of the interior. All these features make LED linear systems are great solutions, not only in waiting rooms, offices or halls, but also in apartments.

Energy-efficient LED systems

LED linear systems reduce the cost of electricity consumption. A low-power LED bulb gives the same amount of light as a traditional high-power bulb, e.g. a 4W LED bulb gives the same light as a 50W incandescent bulb. Using LED systems and bulbs can save up to several hundred PLN per year on energy bills.

LED linear systems are very comfortable and convenient to use. You do not have to worry that the light will be obscured, which will adversely affect its quality and intensity. The use of modern technology in linear systems allows to obtain a large stream of light that can cover the entire room.

When choosing lighting systems for home, office or study, it is worth taking into account its power. The light source must provide enough light to ensure proper working comfort.

LED linear systems as lighting for quick installation

LED lighting systems for quick installation allow you to power a large number of lamps with a single electrical cable. Such lighting can be mounted on the ceiling or under it, that is, with the help of mounting brackets. The length of light lines can be from 60 to 150 cm.

All components of the LED system can be plastic or metal. They are powder coated in white, black and gray colors. The colors and materials used in LED systems are due to the fact that they are installed in modern interiors.

Mounting beams

Linear lighting can be built using ready-made mounting beams. They are available to buy with factory fixtures mounted inside. In the beams, you can install transparent or milky lampshades – depending on your preferences.

Track lighting

Track lighting is a very convenient solution that allows you to expand your lighting systems. Track lighting can be flush-mounted or surface-mounted – you can hang it on wires. In this type of lighting can be used many different types of luminaires, provided that they are connected to the appropriate adapter.

Before installing this solution, consider how you want to use these light sources – whether to turn on all the lights on the rail at the same time (single-phase circuits), or they will turn on separately (this is possible in three-phase circuits).

Recessed led luminaires

These luminaires are shaped like a trough, which is flush-mounted so that only the decorative frame is visible on the surface. It is usually black and stands out very clearly on a white ceiling.

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