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How do I fix the key in my laptop?

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How do I fix the key in my laptop?

While some laptop problems require the help of a professional, others can be done without one. Check out how you can fix the key in your laptop yourself.

Keyboard problems can be minor, but a nuisance-especially if you make a trip to the repair shop every time. Fortunately, you can also do the repair of a non-functioning key in your laptop yourself at home.

Before proceeding, it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the construction of this element. It consists of three parts: the key itself, the clip that connects the key to the keyboard and the eraser that carries out the impulse needed to activate it. The latter works on a similar principle as a spring.

The key has detached from the keyboard

A key that has become detached from the keyboard is really a trifle, not worth buying a new device right away. You can easily attach it back on. What model of keyboard you have is not too important, because the keys are mounted in a very similar way – with minor differences, and there is a universal repair method for each of them

In most cases, these components are fixed by what is called a scissor hinge. The problem may be with the hinge itself or with the latch on the back (white, plastic) part of the key. First, gently pry up and remove the other one to see what it looks like undamaged. Lay the right hinge on the retainers (the clear pieces under the tops of the hinge) in the same way. Then place the key over the whole thing and press down to attach it to the latches. Cleaning the keyboard is worth mentioning here – you can remove the keys in the same way and clean the space underneath with a brush with fine bristles.


Many problems can arise from such a mundane cause as contamination of the keyboard. You can clean the outside of the keyboard – both the keys and the spaces between them – with a soft bristle brush or microfiber cloth. However, compressed air works best. You can use a hair dryer, but the air temperature should not be too high. The areas under the keys should also be cleaned. First, lift them from the top while pressing from the bottom. This should be done gently so as not to scratch them or damage the mechanisms underneath

Longer keys such as the space bar have a built-in wire that needs to be bent slightly. To clean, use compressed air or a special keyboard cleaner. The home one may be too powerful and cause damage. Next, place each key in its proper place and gently press down to close the latches on it. You may lose one of them, but you can easily buy a new one.

Swapping letters on the screen

By far the most common keyboard malfunction is the replacement of the letters Z and Y. In most cases, the solution is to press the SHIFT and CTRL keys simultaneously. You can also reboot the laptop. Less often you need to go to the regional settings of Windows and from the list of languages remove all except Polish.

Flooding of the keys

Flooding them with sweet or hot liquid can be especially problematic. Leave it to dry completely and then wipe its tracks with a spirit-soaked cloth (slightly damp). If that doesn’t help, you’ll have to opt to buy a new keyboard. Due to the cost, it may not be worth it to repair it at a service center.

Main photo: Skylar Kang/pexels.com

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