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How do you turn a regular TV into a smart TV? It’s easy!

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How do you turn a regular TV into a smart TV? It’s easy!

Want to turn your TV into an internet enabled device? Discover the advantages of external smart TV sets!

Rapid changes in technology make even relatively recently purchased devices lose functionality. It is the same with TVs, but the smart TV standard can be achieved even with old models. You just need to invest in external modules that will increase their functionality.

Smart TV thanks to an external module

These are set-top boxes or flash drives that work when connected via USB or HDMI to older TVs. This allows them to be equipped with an Android system that allows you to use search engines, music services or games. It is important that thanks to the external set, an older type of TV starts to function as models with the factory smart TV function and additions. A big advantage of this solution is access to the Internet on your TV. In addition, we also have the ability to play files stored on disk or voice control.

How much does an external smart TV set cost?

Prices depend on the equipment and its manufacturer. As a rule, these are the amounts from 50 to 250 PLN for high-end devices

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